You may know stationery the way it is and have been using them for your entire life. But do you know that stationery have some astounding facts that will blow your mind? To prove your daily essentials are more interesting than what you would deem it may be, feast your eyes on these 10 facts about stationery that you will find amazing.

1. Paper clips were used in war

When Hitler and his Nazi troops were rampaging during the Second World War, Norwegian resistance fighters used paper clips by attaching them to their lapel as a subtle indication that they were gonna fight back Hitler’s troops.

2. You can draw a straight line to the moon, with 477,710 Bic ballpoint pens

In 2008, Bic has conducted a research on each of their ballpoint pens and stated that each pen can produce up to two miles of writing. As the calculated distance from earth to moon are 238,855 miles, an estimated of almost half a million ballpoint pens will be required to actually draw a straight line.

3. First printer can be traced back to 1440

We are referring to the world’s first printing press to be exact but nonetheless, it is a printer, technically speaking yet official. Invented at around 1440 for the Holy Roman Empire by Gutenberg. the very same press-type technique is still very much evident in many printers today where inks are pressed onto papers from a roller.

4. What if I tell You, sticky/post-it notes aren’t invented, but an accident

Going back to 1968, an employee of 3M by the name of Spencer Silver was actually intending to create a super strong adhesive but failed. Despite his efforts, all he could get was a very weak adhesive that is found now on sticky notes that can be removed without leaving any trace unlike strong adhesive which will surely take a part of whatever surface together with it when removed.

5. Wonder where the word “pen” originated?

The word “pen” is actually originated from an old French word which means a long wing or tail feather of a bird.

6. Rubber, eraser?

10 Facts About Stationery Bread
Source: breadcakesandale

Rubbers can be found way back in around 1770 and before the invention of it, stale bread was actually used to remove pencil lines. (The name “rubber” was given by Joseph Priestley). Yes, you head it right, BREAD. So next time you found an “ancient” bread at the back of your fridge, you might wanna give it a try, who knows it could erase your lines better?

7. Wonder why yellow highlighters are preferred?  

In 1930, the Schwanhäusers a German family, discovered fluorescent highlighter ink which comes in orange, red, green, purple and blue. However, the ones with the highest sales and the most popular are the pink and yellow colored. This is because yellow is in the middle spectrum of visible light, and it works well for people with color blindness.

8. The world’s first stapler was handmade for King Louis XIV

Did you know that the first stapler known to mankind was created for the king of France during the 18th Century? Also, according to records, each staple was inscribed with the royal court insignia, which was required by the royal families of France.

9. RM 32,325,200 for a pen?

10 Facts About Stationery Pen
Source: theluxuryhub

Yes, your brain isn’t playing tricks, a pen was sold for $8 million. The Fulgor Nocturnus was a pen manufactured by Tibaldi, the famous Florence pen maker was auctioned at a Shanghai auction six years ago in 2010. Why? And how? Well, the pen is actually covered with 945 black diamonds, 123 rubies and you know, some people are just that crazy. So, a gold plated Lamborghini? Get that out of sight.

10. Soooo, you walked 10 miles each day? Bruh, my fingers do 12.6 miles.

Yup, a study shows that on average, a typists’ fingers could complete nearly two-and-a-half marathons each working day, every week. So if you spot a fit person with thin fingers, they are probably a typists’ or some sort of writer.

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