The success of your printed piece largely depends on the print design and it is no easy task to come up with a good print design. Therefore we at atoz2u, has listed 10 tips to better your print design skills.

1. Don’t forget to bleed

Bleed is the part that gives your printer a small amount of space which allows mistake on the side of the document. Bleeding is the reason why your printed documents look polished when all is said and done. It allows the printer to cut off the edges where the ink can bleed of the page.

2. Focus On The Theme

Just like any other projects, it is essential that you make an outline and define what is it that you wanted to bring in your print piece before you actually begin working on it. Determine your audiences and what are their preferences as this would help in your theme.

3.  Readability

Always remind yourself that readability is key, no matter what the print design is. Every design and printed piece is made up of content and copywriting and the print design will accentuate the content, not irrelevant. Therefore, it is important that your both the content and design compliment each other with easy readability.

4. White Space

10 Hacks for Better Print Designs Whitespace
Source: inspiringwallpapers

In textual terms, the space where words or images don’t exist is referred as a white space. The white space focuses and regulates the words and content that is present on the page. While in print design terms, white space is generally known as copy space and it is more or less the same. Below is an example of how copy space is filled with text.

5. Pair Contradictory Fonts

Pairing fonts could prove to be a challenge for beginners and in some cases, experts would have a tough time as well. There are many factors in pairing fonts from the mood, tone, contrast, time period and more. A perfect font pairing will highlight your design and message and make it stand out.

6. Color Matching

Before you start matching colors, it is important that you understand the difference between CMYK and RGB color modes. So be sure to change the color modes of your print design software to CMYK as it is specific to printed collateral, while RGB mode is designed for web design.

7. Think Outside of The Box

10 Hacks for Better Print Designs Thinkoutside
Source: designandpaper

The human mind is a true mystery to everyone and even scientists. The mind fills in gaps and will see the bigger picture if you intend too. By utilizing the border of your paper, you might just uncover something fun and cool to work with.

8. Demand On High Quality Content

You should always demand for high quality material for your designs, especially when you are working with a photographic content. A high quality photo will generally take your work to anther level, while a bad and low resolution photo will ruin anything. Many clients will give you what they think is the best but, most of the time, they have little to zero knowledge on quality and image resolutions. Therefore, you’ll have to give them a little nudge and they’re gonna magically come u with a better source.

9. Working with Grids

10 Hacks for Better Print Designs Grid
Source: awwwards

The key to a good design is to work with and within grids. It is usually advisable that you use the grid’s proportional relations, and composition guidelines for the base of your design.

10. Be Trendy

Some find inspiration effortlessly while some struggled. However, if you are stuck with zero ideas, check out the Internet for ideas and Pinterest will have what you’re looking for most of the time. Print design can be difficult as it is always changing, so it’s advised that you do your research on what’s trending and popular to help you understand and what you need to do.

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