Over the years, we have seen many “Buatan Malaysia” ads commercials and a couple of those have actually garnered huge number of views and touched the hearts of millions of Malaysians.

Every year, Google Malaysia will release their YouTube Ads leaderboard which resonated most audiences across the country. This leaderboard allows us to list out 10 interesting ads commercials in no particular order that have really reached out to Malaysians. The list will also include few ads commercials that are interesting and although they weren’t listed on the leaderboard, these ads deserves recognition for uniting us Malaysians and most importantly, these ads are all “Made in Malaysia”.

1. Petronas – Tan Hong Ming

There is no doubt that Petronas has produced some heartfelt yet inspiring ads across the years and they didn’t disappoint. First on this list is no other than a webfilm shot and created by the the acclaimed director Yasmin Ahmad, “Tan Hong Ming”. I’m pretty sure that everyone remembers this particular video that resonates the cultural diversity in Malaysia. This cute yet meaningful film has even won an award at the Cannes Lions Festival.

2. Malaysian Idol Commercial

Coming in second is a Malaysian Idol commercial. Remember when Malaysian Idol was first introduced and it was such a big thing way back? The Young Man YMC song was “sung” by 4 “Malaysian Stars”, and it’s totally hilarious.

3. Twisties Life’s Better Twisted – Fall

If you have been to the cinemas often, you should have saw this hilarious yet ridiculous commercial by Twisties. This ad was good enough to earn a spot as an Effie finalist. Twist your life with some Twisties here at atoz2u.

4. Maxis – #ThisIsMyName

Released as an ad to commemorate the Chinese New Year, this story revolves around a boy name Tan Kao Sheng who goes on a journey to discover the meaning behind his name.

5. Astro – Aidilfitri Kosong Kosong

Does the term “Kosong, Kosong” rings a bell? Well, it is actually a term used in one of Astro’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri commercial to forgive and forget. The term has since been used occasionally.

6. Tenaga Nasional – Share The Lights

Just last year, TNB has released a Chinese New Year ad to remind us of what it truly mean to share the celebration with this humourous story. This story is built upon two neighbors who were fighting to gain an upper hand during the festive season.

7. Malaysia Airlines – Blessings

A short film by Linus Chung & Mohd Hisham Saleh, this film has generated almost 2 million views to date and it perfectly portrayed a few of our strongest notions, blessings and reconciliations.

8. Yusuf Taiyoob – Yusuf Taiyoob

Yusuf Taiyoob….. Who wouldn’t remember this annoying but soft, caressing whispers that has been stuck on our mind every since? Who knew dates could have such sex appeal, “Yusuffffff Taiyoooooobbb”.

9. Petronas – Rubber Boy

Another masterpiece from Petronas, this short webfilm drew its inspirations from our Malaysian values, to inspire prosperity and happiness. The story is based upon a relationship between a mother and her son and the facets of their relationship.

10. Nescafe – Let’s Celebrate International Coffee Day

In accordance with World Coffee Day just recently, Nescafe has released a short music video depicting special moments shared amongst Malaysians. The video features Eb Duet, covering one of our most favorite Malaysian song, Getaran Jiwa by P. Ramlee. To date, this short video has garnered close to 5 million views on YouTube and is gradually increasing.

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