Having a home office is no easy task and no one is the same. Some carved out a nice little section of their living room to work, while some can would have a completely separate soundproofed space. Some would work in the basement (if it exist); and some will enjoy the pleasure of greenery, working with garden views.

Whatever or wherever your setup is, there will be gadgets, and accessories that help make the environment a more pleasant one. To help you with your home office setup, we have listed 10 must have essentials below to help you run your businesses more effectively.

1. A Wireless Router

10 Must-Haves Home Office Essentials Wirelessrouter
Source: techradar

You see it right, a router. Yes, this is an essential piece of technology that needs to be anywhere and you are probably using one now. Chances are routers used by small businesses or home offices would be considerably slow and would not achieve the speed you desired. Therefore, a strong and powerful router like the ASUS RT-AC68U Wireless Router will be essential for you to experience seamless Internet wherever you are in your working environment.

2. A Printer

Source: hp
Source: hp

What is that one thing that all offices have? A printer! But what’s the most common thing most businesses share? Printing problems! This relates most to businesses getting the wrong printer to their work nature. Business owners with little knowledge tend to bite of more than they can chew which can be seen in their printer choices. For instance, you purchase an All-in-one printer for a thousand bucks but all you do is black & white prints and for far cheaper than a thousand bucks, you can get one for a few hundred instead. Thus, it is wise to understand your needs and not purchase blindly. A great addition to your home office would be the HP OfficeJet PRO 8210.

3. Wide Monitors

Source: betanews
Source: betanews

It’s your home and it’s your office as well. So why not spend a little extra on a monitor that would benefit you in the long run. Like the Samsung 28″ LED Monitor, discover the detail of stunningly realistic UHD picture and never miss a single detail on your designs again.

4. Shredder Machine

10 Must-Haves Home Office Essentials Featured Twitter
Source: geha

You wouldn’t want to pile up a hug stack of used papers in your home like some offices would you? Save your precious space and shred any unwanted papers with the Geha Home & Office Shredder X8. It can shred basically any paper material and even CDs and DVDs. It also has a safety stop function to prevent accidents. So, start shredding them off now!

5. Wireless Speaker

10 Must-Haves Home Office Essentials Wirelessspeaker
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Make your home office a much more pleasant and fun place with the Jabra Solemate Wireless Speaker with NFC. Unlike huge traditional wireless speakers that would eat up space, the Solemate is designed to be your travel companion with a big punch. Carry it anywhere or place it anywhere you like and play your music seamlessly.

6. Bluetooth Wireless Adapter

10 Must-Haves Home Office Essentials Wirelessadapter
Source: logitech

Not willing to replace your old speakers because it doesn’t support wireless connectivity or just recently bought the iPhone 7? Well, Logitech answers your prayer with a Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor. The Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Adaptor allows you to play music through any of your old speakers from your latest devices all with one simple push of a button.

7. First Aid

Source: healthable
Source: healthable

First Aid is one of the most important thing that should be everywhere, be it in the office or out there in a public area. While it may not look like what it is, first aids is extremely good for accidental and minor injuries and in certain cases, it might just save your life when you least expected it.

8.  Labeling Machine

Source: barcodebazar
Source: barcodebazar

Label your documents with a labeling machine and never will you have to flip over a pile of documents just to find that piece of invoice. But it doesn’t stop there, you can literally label anything you deem necessary or out of decoration and fun measure. Label your document racks, your keys, cables and many more. For this, you will need a handheld labeller like the EPSON LabelWorks™ LW-400.

9. Tablet

10 Must-Haves Home Office Essentials Tablet
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Tablets, it may not be useful to some, however if you are always walking around even in your house, up and down, caring your child, while running your business, a tablet might be your true life savior. Although a tablet might not have the same capabilities as your PC and all the things the tablet does, you can do it on your smartphone – there’s one thing a tablet gives you that a mobile phone doesn’t, which is size. Just imagine, you wouldn’t wanna squint your eyes and enlarge the screen just to view a row in Excel while you can easily view the whole in a tablet. A perfect example would be the Asus Zenpad 10.

10. Air Fresheners 

10 Must-Haves Home Office Essentials Airfreshener
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The last thing you want is your working environment smelling like your underarm eh; unless you are those who have a “Green” office literally in a garden. Nonetheless, it is really essential that you keep your workplace refreshing and feel good as it will boost productivity as well as giving your mind some fresh needed air. Just place a Glade Automatic 3-in-1 Spray and keep it fresh.

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