Check out these awesome Google hacks because why not become master of The Google?

1. To search exact phrases, use quotation marks.

2. Use a dash before the word you want to exclude.

3. To search within a specific site, search like this:

4. To find sites with similar content to a website you already know, use this:

5. To search for key words in text, do this:

6. To search for words solely in the title, do this:

7. To search for things only in the URL, search this:

8. To search within a particular location, do this neat trick:

9. For a particular filetype, search like this:

10. To search for something between two different number ranges, do this:

11. The asterisk works by replacing missing words you forgot in a phrase.

12. To find something with several words, use OR:

13. Punctuation and symbols usually don’t work in searches, these are the ones that do:

14. These awesome Google search features will help you find what you need in absolutely no time:

15. In case you didn’t know, here are some other ways to optimize your search:

16. Last, but not least, Google can be pretty damn fun. Try these neat tricks!

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