Here are 17 accessories that will make your desk more functional and stylish!

1. Desk Cup Holder

2. Bearded Hipster Sticky Notes

3. Desktop Butt Station

4. A DIY Private Computer Screen

This one you can do yourself, and save yourself from snooping co-workers.

5. See-Through Ghost Sticky Notes

6. Eskimemo Station

7. A Desktop Fridge

8. The USB Microwave

9. The Smartphone Desk Stand

10. Spaceman USB Light

11. USB Desk Vacuum

12. Nail Polish Highlighters

13. Lego USB Hub

14. A Chameleon Tape Dispenser

15. The Handy Wind-Up Shredder

16. Toast USB Flash Drives

17. The “Lab-solutely” Organized Desk Set

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