Kids are mischievous creatures and almost everything excites them. You watch them, guide them and most importantly educate them in whatever ways you can. You nurture the talent inside them by bringing them to all sorts of environment but instead of always focusing on development, why not let your kids contribute to the less fortunate ones or just for a good cause by letting them do crafts?

1. Cuddly Creatures

4 Crafts Kids Can Make For A Good Cause SocksDolls
Source: missdaisypatterns

Transform your used and unwanted socks into colorful, friendly creatures. All you need to do is stuff a sock with quilt batting; close with glue or a simple rubber band. Then have your kid cut out facial features, limbs, and whatever mythical creature features that he/she wanted. Your kid can then arrange the features and stick them on with tacky glue. Afterwards, you can end it up by further securing the loose ends.

2. Adopt-Me Bandannas 

4 Crafts Kids Can Make For A Good Cause Scarf
Source: projectnursery

Many pets are dumped or found outside on the roads and most of them will most probably spend their time in animal shelters unless unfortunate incidents happened. If your kids love animals, have them make a homemade bandanna to help them attract new owners in the shelters. Find an unwanted piece of cloth or get them cheap at your local store and cut out a 22-inch square to create a triangle. Then have your child draw a design with a permanent marker (fine-tip ones, preferably). Aid her in using a large embroidery needle and yarn to stitch over the drawn design and finish it up with knows at the ends.

3. Handwoven Bracelets

4 Crafts Kids Can Make For A Good Cause Bracelets
Source: pinterest

Rather than buying a bunch of bracelets out in stores, have your kids craft 1-inch wide braids from fabric strips. This doesn’t only save costs but it holds more meaning as it’s made from your bare hands.

4. Printed Pillowcases

4 Crafts Kids Can Make For A Good Cause Pillowcase
Source: britcdn

Brighten other children’s life with a homemade pillowcase. You’ll need a prewashed white cotton pillowcase, craft foams, and a acrylic fabric paint. Cut shapes from ¼” craft foam, cover with acrylic fabric paint and stamp it onto the pillowcase. Set them out under the sun and let dry. Make things a little more interesting by having your kids write welcoming messages with a fabric marker.

There you have it, a short list of crafts your kids can make for a good cause. All these crafts can of course be donated to the nearest charity center. Your kids will also benefit from this activity, both in creativity and artistry as well. Get all the necessary supplies here with us and brighten someone else’s day up!

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