Do you ever feel that you are “lost” in your workplace? Ever think that you might be a great manager, but aren’t sure if your personality would allow you to thrive? You are not alone!

Thousands of people throughout the world are looking for a brand new start in a career, and are looking towards personality tests to aid them in their search for something more fulfilling. To learn a little bit more about which personality type you might be, check out this awesome infographic below from Truity, and take your Personality Type on the Meyers-Briggs here for free! Know more about yourself by knowing which of the personality types is the one that fits you.

Not only are personality tests an easy way to determine your strengths and weaknesses, but they are becoming more prevalent at companies for interview purposes. Last month, I interviewed for a new sales job in the Atlanta area, and prior to the interview I was asked to complete an in-depth personality test to analyze my advantages and disadvantages in the workplace.

Recognizing what your personality type says about you can help you figure out what career is ideal for you.

According to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), there are four dimensions of personality:

  1. Favorite World: Extroverts or Introverts
  2. Information: Sensing or Intuition
  3. Decisions: Thinking or Feeling
  4. Structure: Judging or Perceiving

The infographic below gives you an overview of the four dimensions of personality. Find yours and share with your friends!




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