Like it or not, events are based on ‘buzz’. You can either kill it or build it, either way, whether your event breaks or makes, it’s entirely up to the buzz around it. But the truth about the matter is this, an average of 18 percent of marketing expert’s annual budget is dedicated to events alone.

While to some, spending 18 percent of the annual budget just in marketing is huge, it is but a norm these days. 80 percent of promoters use social media extensively, with hopes of generating likes, followers and mentions to build awareness and engagement — all of this with a sole aim of converting knowledge into paying participants for their event.

Both traditional and digital marketing have their pros and cons in targeting an audience and capturing their attention, however, there’s a new kid on the block with new methods of reaching and distributing your news and increasing event attendance, mobile apps.

Unlike minuscule event, some of the largest global events in the world actually have an app for their attendees to download and interact with, which often create astounding results. Global brands such as Cirque Du Soleil, Coachella Music Festival and SXSW to name just a few.

4 Ways Mobile Apps Can Benefit Events Speakers
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Your event might not be on the same level, but if digital marketing has achieved anything, it would be the ability of event planners competing on the same stage with big players. Coupled with mobile marketing, you can create an experience equal or even uniquely different to that of the global names in events. So how can a mobile app change your game?

Help Build Event Hype (Buzz)

Just like planning for a trip, before your event starts, you can do some heavy lifting on your to hype up your audience and get them excited. If they’re hooked and excited by what you’re sharing, the chances of them telling everyone else in their network is pretty high. With that alone, you’re building brand advocates who are spreading the word for you.

In order to build buzz, content is an essential piece. If you look to current or previous major events, you will notice they provide exclusive extras within their mobile app such as:

  • Performers interview
  • Exclusive backstage footage
  • Main announcement exclusive updates
  • Event insight

Create Personalized Experience

Size matters, and only one size won’t fill all in the event sector. To be honest, 70 percent of consumers expect a personalized experience. Event attendees prefer to personalize their experience and do their thing, their way. With a mobile event app, it provides a terrific opportunity to allow people to select and save their favorites and research the different opportunities being offered at the event they chose to attend.

You can also customize your app with the ability to provide interactive maps, for instance, allowing people to make choices about what they could or couldn’t get to in the duration of the event or enables them to link up with their mates.

Improve Event Networking

If your event is directed to social or professional networking, your mobile app can actually be contributory in enhancing the attendees’ experience.

If there comes a need where your attendees wanted to network but find it inconvenient to do so, then you aren’t delivering the user experience they’re expecting. Much like a customer in a restaurant, if they find they food below par, the customer is unlikely to come back the next time, or spread their dissatisfaction on their social network.

For example, SXSW offers a directory of attendees and has created a social network group for the event itself. Attendees can then identify fellow attendees they would like to meet up.

A mobile app with networking capabilities will still be relevant even if the event has come to a close. This is because, people who used the app will likely to continue using your app to retain their relationship with those they met.

Stay In Front

4 Ways Mobile Apps Can Benefit Events Mobile
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Mobile is at the forefront of business and becoming an adopter of mobile technology for your event will give you an advantage over your competitors. If you wait for others, you’ll be back to square one; no one will target you in the sector if you’re just following the crowd.

Regardless of sectors, being the first mover is no easy task but it’s advantage is not to be sniffed at too, especially if your core audience is millennials and love to try something new, or if your brand or product indirectly lends itself to a new trend and technology.

There are endless possibilities and opportunities for a mobile app in the event and conference industry. Many types of events would benefit from interactive apps such as:

  1. Local Festivals — there’re lots of local arts festivals, which could include: food, music, art fashion and more.
  2. Conferences — conferences are usually held in local venues, a famous hall or ballroom, where most people would know about. Conference may be targeted at professionals or at consumers.
  3. Trade Associations — often, trade associations will create a huge event for attendees to gain knowledge and network; usually held at large auditoriums or halls.


A mobile app will certainly become an irreplaceable commodity in promoting an event’s relationship with his/her target audiences or attendee base. Building an app with their audiences’ preference in mind will enhance the user experience before, during and after the event.

Be it a customer, client, or an audience, maintaining a good relationship with them is essential and interaction with them in the short time frame of the vent itself is one not to be missed. By doing so, you’re putting yourself on the map and creates an opportunity to create buzz.

Many people considered an app as the ‘cherry on the topping’ on an event, but if maintained closely, it has potential to deliver exclusive content and improve an event’s relationship with its audience. That itself says it all, and an opportunity not to be missed. So, start building your app on your own with these devices below or get a pros help, both way works for your event.

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