It doesn’t matter how old you are, there will be times when you occasionally need to be reminded to do things. In the current world which is full of distractions and god knows what things that often lead us off course of whatever we intended to do in the first place. And this is why, setting reminders can not only be productive, but it would definitely save you from another nagging by your mom over a forgotten errand.

Thankfully on Android, there are tons of way you can create reminders and we took a glance at some of the best reminder apps that you can find on the Play Store.


5 Best Reminder Apps For Android Evernote
Source: Evernote

Being one of the first reminder app introduced, Evernote is and has always been a powerful, functional note-taking application with tons of features. Since its’ introduction, Evernote has become one of the most popular and highly-rated apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Together with its impressive note taking capabilities, Evernote also allows you the ability to create reminders for your notes based on time and location. This means that you can simply make a grocery list, set a reminder for it and when you’re at the grocery store, the app will automatically remind you of the existence of a grocery list. It works very well, and you should get your hands on it. To-do List

5 Best Reminder Apps For Android Any Do
Source: Any.Do

The name of the app itself is self-explanatory. As you can see, To-do List is an app that allows you to create tasks and set reminders depending on your preferences. For remembering a task at hand or grabbing a bottle of milk from the grocery store works wonder with a To-do list apps and they’re also faster to use. Being a to-do list app itself, is an app created exceptionally well which offers various task customization, cloud syncing between devices, reminders based on time and location and it also has a support for its sister app, Cal Calendar.

BZ Reminder

5 Best Reminder Apps For Android BZ Reminder
Source: appslicious

If you prefer simplicity over complexity, BZ Reminder is just the app for you. BZ Reminder is a to-do list application that focuses on providing you simplicity. You can literally set a reminder for anything and it’ll go off when the time’s up. You can add your reminders with notes as well if you want to and the app have got you covered with cloud syncing, Android Wear support, recurring tasks, and a simple built-in calendar. While it may not be as power packed and full on features, BZ Reminder is built solely for you to get things done quick and simple.

Google Allo

While Google bills their latest messaging app, Google Allo as a messaging app, it also comes with Google Assistant. You can simply access Google Assistant in chatbot format from the app and it can virtually do anything you asked. All you have to do is state your question or desire and give it a few seconds to process your information. It will then present the answer to your question in message form like how any of your friends would remind you. It’s unusually intuitive and you can have it remind you to do virtually anything you can think off. It may not be the best messenger app out there, but with Google Assistant, it’s pretty fun.

5 Best Reminder Apps For Android Google Allo
Source: Google

Life Reminders

5 Best Reminder Apps For Android Life Reminders
Source: androidegis

Life Reminders is another mobile application that really is dedicated to provide you with the simplest of act of reminding you of stuffs you will be doing. Life Reminders is kind of a nifty app because it can actually perform certain tasks for you instead plainly reminding you. For instance, if you set a reminder to call home at 12:00PM, the app will remind you once it’s time and you can tap on the notification to place the call right there instantly. Life Reminders has a good set of features, more than capable to remind you of your stuffs and the recent updates to it have only made the app better.

If we missed any reminder apps worth mentioning or some of those which you are very fond off, tell us more about them in the comments! Also remember to check out these Android smartphones that can and will function as a reminder device if you need one. And if you’re in constant need of replenishing your office supplies every now and then, these apps might just give you the edge!

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