They are literally thousands of apps and they are everywhere. According to a research, it has shown that Americans on average per day, spend nearly three hours using mobile apps, and on top of that, we tend to spend that much time on fewer than five apps everyday. Now, if you’re spending so much of your time on apps, it has got to be worth it, don’t you think?

Whether they are default apps on your smartphone, free or cost you RM10 to purchase, you desire the app to make a difference in your life for the better. The good news is that there are tons of apps which will do the work for you. From simplifying your daily routine to relaxing you mind or simply for you to have fun, make sure to have enough space in your device to take advantage these apps. All apps listed below are available on both Android and iOS phones.

1. Duo

5 Free Mobile Apps That Makes Life Easier Google Duo
Source: techmantu

On most Android phones, Skype is installed by default but you don’t really like it. Introducing Duo, the app which allows you to make video calls to anyone else with the app and a phone number. Duo is Google’s answer to Apple’s critically famous, Facetime. Duo can be downloaded both on Android and iOS. This mobile app is very simple to use and upon downloading it, you’ll get an immediate upgrade — the “Knock Knock” feature that shows you live video of the caller before you even pick it up.

2. Hours Keeper

5 Free Mobile Apps That Makes Life Easier Hours Keeper
Source: evernote

The benefits of being self-employed outweighs being employed. However, keeping track of your time isn’t one them. To solve this problem, Hours Keeper is an app that aims to simplify the process by organizing your time on each task, allowing you to plan your hours and schedule wit its free PDF template. Time can be manually entered or you can use the clock-in/clock-out function which acts as a stopwatch. If you want more, there’s a paid pro plan.

3. Healthy Living

5 Free Mobile Apps That Makes Life Easier Healthy Living
Source: youtube

Planning to live a healthier lifestyle, minimize junk food intakes and eat more organic foods? Magnificent. Researching more nutrition blogs? Good job. But have you ever thought of what would happen when you start questioning about what’s in your everyday products such as hand lotion, or shampoo? Who’re you gonna approach?

Look for Health Living from EWG (Environmental Working Group), a complete, ratings-based app which literally explains what ingredients or chemicals used in more than 120,000 food and personal care products. Simply search a product by its name, scan a barcode, or browse through the app’s own recommendations on everything.

4. Square Cash

5 Free Mobile Apps That Makes Life Easier Square Cash

Being of the newer addition of digital wallet on the market, the Cash app from Square allows you instant money transfer for free to anyone with the app and also supports transfer to different banks via email text or a “Cashtag.” a personalized website by the developer where you can receive money from friends and family as well. You need to link your debit card to your account before you can send money, so there’s no seperate Cash account balance to keep in mind. What’s more is that the Cash app has an option built for businesses for easier payment transactions from clients with no restriction on the amount received.

5. Evernote

5 Free Mobile Apps That Makes Life Easier Evernote
Source: evernote

If you’re always looking for a combo of a notes app, Pinterest board and those sort of app to stash digital info you create and save, it’s about time you try your hands on Evernote. The app, since its launching has set a benchmark among productivity apps and digital notebooks. Evernote compiles everything you want to remember in one common base which will accompany you wherever you go. Either create, scan a note or bookmark a web link, which you then save it within a folder or tag for easy search and access across all devices installed with the app. Of course, the app just like many others, has tiered paid plans and a version for Windows as well, if you are out of the ordinary.

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Life is short, and wasted time cannot be redeemed, so make good use of the time you have in your life and start organizing your daily routines. If your existing phone doesn’t run these apps all that well, it’s time to ditch it and look for new ones which will save you a lot of time rather than sticking with that outdated, slow, laggy phone.

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