There are many sources that contributes to how beneficial adult coloring books are. Many psychologists and therapists “introduce” this method to patients for multiple reasons, and many occupational therapists prescribe them too! Adult coloring books have so many uses and purposes that many of you aren’t aware of, other than the obvious outcomes of beauty and enjoyment. Let ‘s take a look at their uses in details.

  1. Flashback into history, did you know that the “prescription” of adult coloring traces all the way back to the late and great psychologist Carl Jung? Well. it is what it was. The late Jung uses his thinking and always believed that it would help patients discover their subconscious and new self-knowledge. Many psychologists suggest this method to patients as an alternative as a calming tool and as a means of relaxation. This method can help individuals divert their focus on coloring complex pictures for hours, instead of focusing on intrusive and perplex thoughts.

    5 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Are Great For Your Overall Health Crayon
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  2. Adult coloring books can help various emotional and health problems. For a lot of people, the lack of structure and emotional stress are some of the greatest triggers ever existed. This can be seen in individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorders, stress, anxiety, depressive, eating disorders, anger management issues, and abusing issues. By taking time and focusing on adult coloring will aid individual divert their focus from negative issues and habits, and use them instead in a more safer and productive way.

  3. Coloring activities can provide tremendous help with individuals suffering from PTSD, anxiety and stress issues, as they are proven to calm down amygdala. Amygdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for our fight or flight response, and retain individuals in a heightened state of panic, worry and hyper-vigilance, when it is operative. With coloring and turning your focus to coloring can actually reduce that response, and provide your brain with a much needed rest and relaxation.

  4. Coloring is an activity that not only brings us back to simpler times, but it also reminds the simpler and happier times when you’re young. Where the time you aren ‘t flooded with responsibilities and you could just be a kid. To realize that you can relive this time and those emotions is very pleasing and fun. For a moment, you can free yourself of your current stresses and worries, which can have a tremendous therapeutic effect.

    5 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Are Great For Your Overall Health Coloring
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  5. Additionally, did you know that coloring is proven to have intellectual benefits as well? Coloring uses the parts of the brain that strengthens focus and concentration. Coloring also enhances your problem solving and organizational skills as well. This may sound hard to believe, and perhaps being exaggerated, but it is all true. Our brain uses frontal lubes for these high level activities and functions os the brain, and applying colors on sophisticated pictures triggers all these function.

Ultimately, the pros of adult coloring books clearly outweighs the cons. Coloring is so much more than the color in words that people might think of. It is more than beneficial, it can be therapeutic, calming, problem solving, and organisational. As you can see, coloring is highly effective for countless of reasons, and the ideas supporting them have withstood the test of time. So, pick one and try it out and you may just be surprised. Even if it doesn’t, at the very least, you have something exciting added to your shelf.

Start coloring now and fill your life with colors, even if you hate it. Download the “Anti-Stress” Coloring Template below and fill it up with colors you want. Alternatively, you can also check out these coloring tools that will surely help you in many ways.