As you grow older, so does your preferences. Remember when you’re a teenager and you used to get back home two in the morning, out partying all night and you wished it hand never stop and you’ll never grow up? Unfortunately, it stopped and you grew up, but who said growing up and being an adult is not fun? Lets put it as maturing, instead of growing old eh.

One of the most fun thing about growing up is that you will gradually get the opportunity to have your own time and space as time passes on and you can do whatever you want like having your first home – decorating it to your taste. And once you’ve done setting it up to your delight and satisfaction, it might be the time to invite your friends and family over – kinda like a house-warming party or you can occasionally invite your friends over for some football night.

5 Simple Ways To Entertain On-a-Budget Overall
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Renting and buying a house is one thing, but decorating it and setting it up is a whole new different story. You could spend thousands and tens of thousands just to transform it into your own utopia, so the chances of you to spend more on lavish and expensive parties would be very low.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Who said, you can’t run a party without alcohols and expensive foods. There are various ways to entertain without you needing to rob the bank and most of the time; your company would rather treasure the time spent together instead of acting all ‘fine-dining’ in your house.

Here are five simple suggestions for organizing a party or a simple get together when you’re on a budget.

Traditional potluck dinner

5 Simple Ways To Entertain On-a-Budget Potluck
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What could go wrong with a potluck dinner party? Nothing! A potluck dinner is basically a crowdsourcing event where all your friends or family and you is responsible for a course and bring it with them to your house. All you have to spend are some disposable tableware and a hundred bucks for some drinks. AND, you also save a whole lot more on your dishwashing liquid!

Game night at your home

Chances are you’ve got some old, fun board games or cards such as Uno hidden somewhere around, why not call a few friends over for a fun time (rekindle on some past memories eh). This is like killing two birds with one stone, you can show off your house while keeping your guests entertained. And if all of you are football fans or old on the outside but young on the inside, why not watch a game or take it outside and play some childhood games, like Capture the Flag or Hide-and-Seek. Or play multiplayer games on mobile devices.

Throw a barbecue party

5 Simple Ways To Entertain On-a-Budget BBQ
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“I’m not a fan of barbecues”, said no one ever. Barbecue party is basically a get together sorta thing and it’s like a bait for anyone that loves the smell of the grill and char-boiled meats. And well, since you are really trying to not spend much, tell your friends to bring a fair share of ingredients and supplies as well, so you wouldn’t have to tank up all the expenses. Light up the moment also with some feel good music with a surround sound system.

Dessert night

5 Simple Ways To Entertain On-a-Budget Desserts
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Are you or your partner a fan of desserts and baking? Then organize a dessert party at your place! Bake your own cake or make a strawberry cheesecake. They are suitable for man occasions and the point is that, they are really easy to make. Get fresh strawberries or whatever the ingredient needed to bake in the market for a lower price. For under a hundred bucks, you will have the privilege to watch your guests smile and be happy.

Keep it casual

5 Simple Ways To Entertain On-a-Budget Drinks
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BYOB is an idea you could do when all you want to do is have a simple night chill with your friends over, talking about your childhood. And since it’s your new house, most guests would probably bring a bottle as a house gift anyway depending on your religion and culture. While many would keep those bottle as a sign of respect, don’t store it up however, use it for the night and chances are they would love to have a taste of the drink as well. You could even mix those bottle of drinks up by summoning your inner bartender and produce your very own version of Virgin Cucumber Mojito coupled with some snacks as well.

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