Obviously almost everyone knows how to use Google. In fact, Mr. Google would be the first “person” you interact with whenever you have a question on literally anything.

So while I have not any intentions on selling the benefits to you, what I do want you to know is about the lesser-known gems by Google. They’ll certainly change the way you work, socialize and get organized if not completely, even if you thought you have the perfect system to handle your requirements.

1. Email Account Syncing with Gmailify

It is safe to say that 3 out 5 users use Gmail as their go-to account and a few others as alternatives for work purposes. With all these accounts, you must be perplexed to check each one at a time rather than viewing them in a single screen. Well, as long as you’re an Android user, you can do that in Gmail without switching. Google calls this “Gmailify-ing” your email, which essentially means you can add account from another provider to your Gmail app so that you can view all your emails under the same interface.

2. Work Anywhere With Chrome Remote Desktop

5 Underrated Google Tools You’re Missing Out On ChromeRemoteDesktop
Source: youtube

A great alternative from Teamviewer, Chrome’s Remote Desktop app is an app that allows you to literally work from anywhere with your devices provided that your main desktop is constantly online.

You can forget about lugging your computer all the time with you while you’re away. All you need is your mobile device and you can get to anything and everything on your computer.

3. Image Editing With Snapseed

5 Underrated Google Tools You’re Missing Out On SnapSeed
Source: thenextweb

Another highly-rated image editing app, the Snapseed is definitely worth checking out if you desire a powerful yet fun to use photo editor.

This app allows you to make almost every tweak and fix to your pictures in your wildest imagination. If you find it troublesome to edit your pictures, the app has an auto function that works like magic with automatic settings to transform your picture like those you see on exhibitions.

4. Organize Your Task With Google Keep

5 Underrated Google Tools You’re Missing Out On GoogleKeep
Source: youtube

While it might seem like a basic note-taking app, Google Keep has some surprisingly cool and clever features backed up by its simple and friendly look.

The list of capabilities in this program is very interesting where it lets you add or remove check boxes, set reminders according to time or place, and even tun unwieldy notes into Google docs. Google Keep also has web access, handwriting, and voice recognition.

5. Text Seamlessly With Google Allo

5 Underrated Google Tools You’re Missing Out On GoogleAllo
Source: pcadvisor

The benefit of having an iPhone is the huge list of messaging apps which aren’t available on Android. However, Android users has now a messaging app that would be on par with some of the messaging apps if not better. The Google Allo is a messaging app by Google that lets you send almost anything from doodles, gigantic emojis to text of all sizes. It is somewhat of an Artificial Intelligence that responds to you – learns how to communicate and suggests replies without you having to even start typing. It even gives you a sneak preview into Google Assistant, Google’s new virtual helper.

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