As the magic of Christmas and the colorful skies during the New Year slowly fades, it can only mean one thing — the loud and exciting festive celebration that goes Boom, Boom Bang! Chinese New year is just around the corner! It’s time to swap up the Christmas tree and gift boxes with prosperity stickers, red lanterns and pussy willows. Before this festive season, Chinese people will be spring cleaning their homes which includes me and you and start to shop for dresses, clothes, mandarin oranges and even gifts.

So, to get you started and usher in the new year, we have come up with a list of Chinese New Year must haves.

1. Air Freshener

6 Chinese New Year Must Have Items! Glade6 Chinese New Year Must Have Items! Glade
Source: glade

What’s more pleasant than a fresh aroma of lavender everyday to start the Chinese New Year? None. The Glade Automatic Spray is a battery operated unit that time-releases lavender fragrance automatically based on your preferences. Imagine the smell of smokes and ashes during the New Year, it would be not be nice waking up in your house when the first thing that hits your nostrils are incenses and smokes from fireworks.

2. Hand Towels

6 Chinese New Year Must Have Items! Paper Towel
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Many people has disregarded the importance of paper towel, and it’s even more essential during festive seasons. Paper towels are one of the major things in improving your health. This is because bacteria are literally everywhere and could be easily transferred to your body in various ways, from contaminated water, changing dirty diapers and not to mention the amount of fireworks and spring cleaning you’ll be doing over the course of the Chinese New Year. Therefore, it’s important to stock up on paper towels of various types, you wouldn’t know when nature calls.

3. Microfiber Mop

6 Chinese New Year Must Have Items! Microfiber Mop
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There’s an unwritten rule whereby during the 15 days of Chinese New Year, no sweeping or anything related to that is allowed. This would mean dust ashes all around your house. However, you can still mop your house and this is where Reveal’s Microfiber Spray Mop comes in — easy enough to use, you don’t need to go “super saiyan” to just twist excess water from your traditional mop. With this spray mop, simply refill the bottle that holds water or detergent and spray around while you mop.

4. A Laptop

6 Chinese New Year Must Have Items! HP Omen
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Usher in the Chicken Year and all its glory with a badass gaming laptop that gives you serious performance for a very affordable price. The HP Omen laptop is a machine built for the budget gamers but with performance capable of running the most demanding AAA titles bundled with audio by Bang & Olufsen and a 4K IPS display. Power it up and let your Chinese New Year songs go to work while you celebrate with your friends and family.

5. Car Charger

6 Chinese New Year Must Have Items! Orico

The most common thing in Malaysia is being stuck in the traffic, worst, during the festive seasons where you would be in the traffic for seven hours if you’re going back to Penang, when a regular trip back would only take three hours. And being the passenger at the back, this doesn’t get anymore annoying and boring, so your smartphone is probably your best friend which tend to run out from juice quicker than you could imagine. This is where a car charger will be your BFF during the entire trip. Orico’s Quick Charge 3.0 Smart Car Charger is equipped with the latest fast-charge technology so you would get your devices up in no time.

6. Selfie Stick

6 Chinese New Year Must Have Items! DJI Osmo
Source: dji

Last but not least, what’s the most common thing that people do nowadays? Well, you guessed right, taking a selfie. Imagine when your family is huge and your outstretched arm could only cover so much, you had to find a rest to include everyone in that shot, you don’t even want to fathom it eh. Well, a regular selfie stick might do the job, but what about a selfie stick that actually lets you take perfect shots even when you’re moving? The DJI Osmo Mobile Silver is actually a machine on its own and all you have to do is connect your smartphone to it and let it works it magic.

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