From your home to your office, family to friends, communication is key, especially in businesses. In order to reach your organizational goals, it’s important that everyone in your circle maintain constant communication with one another. With the Internet, and the evolution of mobile, you have no excuse on not communicating anymore. Today, with the help of the web and smartphone apps, your company’s internal communications can be revved-up, helping to establish your efforts to improve productivity, efficiency and most importantly, your vision.

Instead of just relying on the company’s private intranet, organizations can leverage on various programs out there specially designed for business communication. There are countless of apps available; instant messaging, email-style message threads, you name it, and even sending out notifications via SMS text message or phone call. By leveraging on more than once of these apps, you can expect your business to streamline and further enhance internal communications for better team coherence and improved productivity as well. These 7 business communication apps, available either on mobile devices and desktop computers, will provide a reliable yet versatile way to boost communication between employees.

1) Slack

7 Best Business Apps For Internal Communication Slack
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Rising up the ranks of communication apps at a rapid pace, Slack has quickly become one of the most popular collaboration tools, especially for businesses with a number of remote workers. This cloud-based communication app is actually intended as an internal communication tool for small game development company but it has now become one of the most preferred ways for teams to collaborate. Featuring chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging, all files, groups and members are all easily and completely searchable.

2) HipChat

7 Best Business Apps For Internal Communication HipChat
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Another popular team communication app, both accessible from the or mobile anywhere you are. There’s a freemium version available, but there’s also an inexpensive paid version that gives you extra features. HipChat is designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox and other cloud services. It’s versatile and affordable communication for small to medium businesses.

3) Basecamp

7 Best Business Apps For Internal Communication Basecamp
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Created with the intention to bridge the gap between clients and staff, Basecamp is designed to make file sharing and project collaborations easier in different departments within a company. By centralizing project management, internal communications and client relations in one place, it provides a streamlined yet efficient solution for managing various internal communication and collaboration needs. This app eliminates the need for complex, and difficult to navigate email by centralizing discussions in a single place.

4) DialMyCalls

7 Best Business Apps For Internal Communication DialMyCalls
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Sending mass notifications with a phone call or SMS have never been easier with DialMyCalls. Various businesses use DialMyCalls to send out important messages to every staff, or to remind them of upcoming events, meetings or deadlines. It’s also extremely useful to reach to employees to cover shifts for another.

Apart form sending out mass notifications, DialMyCalls can also be used to implement a helpline to help companies curb issues from harassment to calling out on a dysfunctional management in the workplace. It functions like a virtual suggestion box, providing employees a way to express their feelings anonymously.

5) RedBooth

7 Best Business Apps For Internal Communication RedBooth
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Build primarily as a task tracking application, RedBooth also features an in-built chat software for immediate communication between group members. Team members can simply communicate in the same window as a task assignment, helping to maintain a constant productivity-oriented communication.

6) Wrike

7 Best Business Apps For Internal Communication Wrike
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Created as a project management app, Wrike is featured with communication tools. Employees using Wrike can “@-message” one another through task pages and activity streams, making it extremely hassle-free for members to keep in touch about projects.

7) Skype

7 Best Business Apps For Internal Communication Skype
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Last but not least is one of the most commonly known communication app, Skype. Designed initially to be just like any other communication app, Skype has worked its’ way to become a widely used communication app for businesses. This text, voice, and video chat application is available on both desktop and mobile. While it’s instant messaging feature allows staff to connect with one another anytime, anywhere, eliminating wait times for important answers and information.

Effective internal communications helps to ensure all team member is working towards a common goal, so it is important to establish a fast, interactive channel where anyone can be reachable as easy as a single mouse click.