7 Printer Tips & Tricks That Will Save You The Hassle


I am pretty sure you have a printer at your home, or your workplace. While all you know regarding a printer is to utilize its function such as printing, scanning, copying, but the chances of users not familiar with what the printer is all about and whats and hows are low.

7 Printer Tips and Tricks Printer
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But here at atoz2u, we have got you covered with a few printer tips and tricks that will guide you a long way before you pick up that phone and call for help when you can simply solve the problem by simply restarting.

1. Drivers

You may have heard about drivers or software depending on your knowledge depth about computers. Basically, a driver or software is a piece of file that needs to be installed on your computer which will then control and operate the printer whenever it is connected to your device. Whenever you purchase a printer, you will be given a CD that contains the driver for that particular model. You can also find the driver online on the manufacturers website and all you have to do is download it and you will probably end up getting a later version of the driver this way too.

2. Rebooting

In most cases of a printer error, it is advisable that you try rebooting your printer and computer first. Secondly, you should give a check on all the cables that connects your PC to the printer. Third, and if both steps above fails, try to look up for any updates on the driver or you might want to reinstall the driver before you contact technical support.

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3. Ink Blockage

Keep in mind that ink will dry up if it is not used for a long period of time and this will end up in the ink blocking the print-head nozzles which will lead to your prints being undesirable (streaky, faded, etc.). If this happens, you will have to buy cleaning cartridges to free up the blockage.

4. Buying A New Printer

The most common mistake made by users is that they neglected or failed to identify the price of ink cartridges. This reason is mainly due to the fact that the cartridges costing more than the actual printer itself. Even in today’s market, it is very common to buy a printer that is extremely cheap only to find out that you will have to fork out a fortune on the ink more than the printer. This is a particularly effective business model practiced by manufacturers to make use of their product. So next time before you purchase a printer, remember to thoroughly research all aspect of the it.

5. Shake, Shake and Shake

When you feel like the toner in your laser jet is showing the signs of running out, you should always take the toner out and give it a slight nudge or shake. The reason why is because a toner cartridge is in the form of dust and by giving it a shake, it should redistribute the dust that’s left inside more evenly and hopefully squeezing out few more pages before you get a new one.

6. Cost-Effective Printing

If you are in an unpleasant situation which needs you to save cost, you might want to lower the printing quality in your printer to “draft” or “grey-scale” to save more ink and utilize duplex printing more often – if your printer allows.

7. Low Ink Indication

This usually happens in most printers when the printer detects that the ink is running low and indicates a change is needed. Generally for normal users, this will cause them to panic (in the middle of printing an important document) and this will be an inconvenience. However, if this happens do not actually be too bothered by it because you will still be getting good prints for a couple or more pages. All you have to do is keep in mind, it will eventually run out soon and the indicator is just an estimation, and more than often you will get more out of it before it runs out of juice completely.

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