While it is said that creativity is an inborn talent, it is not entirely true however. Creativity can also be cultivated and it is more to a skill than inborn talent, and what’s more, parents played a very important role in helping their kids to develop.

Because creativity is a key fundamental in almost everything we do, it is a key component of health and happiness as well as a core skill to to cultivate your kids with. Bear in mind that, creativity is not just limited to artistic and musical interpretation but it also exist in various practices such as science, math, social and many more. I’m pretty sure that you will notice creative people tend to be more flexible and is better in solving problems, which essentially provides them the ability to adapt much more faster to technological changes than normal people.

Here are some ideas encourage creativity in your children:

1. Provide necessary resources that allows creative expressions

The one most important resource you can provide your kids with is time. And by time, it actually means time accompanied by an adult. Children needs plenty of time to absorb information.

Space is also a necessary resource for your kids. Remember TV dramas or Internet pictures of kids scribbling across furniture or walls? That’s exactly what you need to provide – but of course, a designated space where they can make a mess.

2. Transform your home into a lab of creative learning.

You should always approach your kids with plenty of different ideas and you must not evaluate each and every idea your kids come up with. If you did, chances are that their confidence plummet will increase. Brainstorming is another way to foster creativity and you should definitely encourage your children to never be afraid of mistakes and failure. Yes, generally kids are afraid of failures just like how they cry when you wouldn’t buy them an ice cream and it will curb their own creative thought. However, instead of telling them off, you could share your own mistakes you’ve made as well, so they know it is okay to fail.

Promote innovation and creativity by covering your walls with drawings and arts (creative expressions).

3. Give freedom and allow your kids to explore and do what they want.

7 Ways to Inspire Creative Thinking in Children Featured Freedom
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Don’t be so paranoid. Stop thinking on the negatives that they are going to be kidnapped or be a delinquent. The probability of them being kidnapped are very low, arithmetically, and personally, I’m not that happier person than others just because I went to an established college.

These negative thoughts will bring more harm than good. It’s true that parents must be protective of their child but not the extent of overprotecting and limiting their capabilities without realizing. Take this for example, making them do anything by the book, so to speak – can pretty much reduce their flexibility in thinking which leads to the quote, “You must think outside the box” the more relevant.

4. Encourage pleasure reading and participate in arts.

You should limit your child from TV and other mobile devices in order to allow time for creative activities such as drawing, role-playing together with your child or read adventure books.

5. DO NOT say no to everything. Let them be a ‘divergent’.

You think that you know everything and what’s best for your child. This is what’s happening still in many parents these days. Trust me, this will only lead to more arguments and eventually you will find your child leaning more towards the wrong direction. Instead, encourage them to find more solutions to a single problem, and more than one route to a solution. When they have successfully solved a problem, ask them to solve it again but with a different approach. Teach them to think differently.

6. Do not reward your kids just for the sake of them exhibiting creativity.

Children thinks very differently from adults and they are very vulnerable to any sort of distractions. Allow them to develop creative skills through an intrinsically motivation, but not motivate them with rewards or gifts, they are your kids, not pets that you reward with food whenever your pet complies to you. Rather than rewarding your kid for completing a chapter in a book, you could allow them to do things they will enjoy, maybe becoming Elsa.

This is not to say that you should not reward your child with enticing rewards. You can bring them to McDonald’s once in a while or buying them gifts when they least expect it.

7. Go out

7 Ways to Inspire Creative Thinking in Children Featured Greenery
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I’m sure you have heard about the recent Pokemon Go craze – kids getting out and actually walk outside and gather with friends, rather than staying at home. Yes, you do that with your children but without the phone. Instead, take them for a walk around your neighborhood park with a pencil and notebook. Greenery is proven to help generate ideas according to Stanford University psychologists. The research compared the levels of creativity between wheelchair bounded people with those who walked and results showed that walkers will have more creative thoughts.

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