Until today, there are still many small businesses overlooking the importance of a reliable printer as they struggle to get operations running smooth. Don’t ever fall into the trap of reusing your home printer or buying a second-hand one or refurbished one. Printers nowadays – whether a single function one, sheet-fed inkjet printer or high-output, or multi-function printers – will save you more than just time. With today’s technology, newer models can even save you a ton of money in the long run. Here’s a few tips to determine what kind of printer that would handle your operations.

Laser Printers

Best Printers For Your Home Office LaserJet
Source: HP

It’s still a taboo for small businesses to hear the term “laser printer”, as the first thing they think of is the price of the machine – which is a fact. Historically, the price tag of laser printers to other kinds of printers are a landslide, but that’s not as true today. Printers nowadays come in many different varieties which includes full-color, and high yield, though an inexpensive mono printer can get the job done for small businesses.

For instance, a local restaurant develops new menus every day depending on the ingredients it is able to source locally, so a printer that is able to print multiple copies quickly would be their go to option.

Laser printers typically produce more pages per minute than inkjets because of the toner output. Toner is a dry powder that’s applied to the paper by a rolling drum that coats the width of the paper in one go. While its counterpart, the inkjet, applies ink with  a print head that zips back and forth across the paper. Ink is also wet, which will need time to dry. These differences are why laser printers outputs much more quickly than ink printers do.

While the replacement cartridges for laser printers are usually more expensive than the inkjets’, they do produce many more pages before replacements are needed. The amount of pages printed is generally known as “page yield” – so be sure to keep into consideration to compare the replacement cartridges yield as well as its cost before investing in the machine. In the long run, the cost of replacement will surely outrun the printer itself, so you’ll want to make sure you are selecting one that compliments your budget and the nature of your work.

Inkjet Printers

Best Printers For Your Home Office Inkjet
Source: Canon

On the other hand, inkjets may take considerable amount of time to produce a page, but unlike lasers, the result can be astounding. By selecting the right print settings and specific papers, you can easily output a professional level-looking result. Of course, producing an output as high a quality as such will cost you more – this is because by doing so, the ink will be used more and inkjet is known to have far lesser output before needing to be replaced. However, due to its outstanding versatility, be it just a splash of color on a business logo, or a full-color photograph, these machines can be priceless for small to medium, cost-conscious businesses.

For example, if you have small business like the previous example, an inkjet might just be the perfect fit. Easy to install and moved around, inkjet are preferred in a compact work environment with functions and features entirely the same with laser printers. One of the main point why inkjet is preferred is because of its portability and compactness which allows maneuverability anytime, anywhere. 

Also worth noting, inkjets are great investments as their replacements are much less expensive than laser toners, and they come at a fraction of the price of the machine itself only. The only trade-off inkjets have towards lasers are that they print much more slowly and the cartridges have far lesser page yields. 

All-In-One Printers

Best Printers For Your Home Office AllInOne
Source: HP

The success of any businesses is to employ hard-working employees who are a jack of all trades in nature. Likewise, all-in-one printers, also known as multifunction printers, can perform various different tasks, like scanning, printing, copying and faxing – both available in laser and inkjet varieties. 

For instance, a record label company has projects with designers, distributors and record-pressing companies – at the heart of the company, there’s just two people. And because of this, the owner literally puts tons of load in his single all-in-one printer. Being a record label company, the company prints a lot of promotional materials, and having a printer that can handle the high workload is essential.

Nowadays, all-in-one printers are the most sought after printers because of its capability to do more than just printing. Mobile printing is also made possible with all-in-one printers. 

All that being said, what matters the most when purchasing a new printer is picking one that’s best suited for the nature of your business and your printing demands. Before shopping for one, identify your printing needs, what features will you be leveraging – from double-sided printing, to cloud printing, to simply outputting black and whites – this is so you do not step a foot down the wrong road. The best printers are the ones that meet your requirements!

If you have already make up your mind, why not check out our extensive list of inkjets and laser printers below!