Boost Your Staff's Morale With A Light, Bright & Clean Office! Featured
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It is safe to say that you spend more “active” time in your office more than you sitting on your couch at home. You’re spending literally at least 40 hours in the office and it’s not rocket science to think that at the end of the week, you’re frantically searching under piles of documents for your car keys and cell phone when it’s finally time go home.

That’s why, experts have said that a clean office equals a clearer mind, and more productivity. But then, this question arises, “Who’d had time for that?” This is where setting up a system and schedule and sticking to them will allow you to work smarter and boost your overall productivity and morale. It will also give a nicer impression to your boss that you’re always on top of things and maybe boost your chances of getting the promotion you’ve always dreamt off. 

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Cleaning your table or even the surroundings will not only help you but your colleagues as well. Imagine, you are suddenly summoned for an urgent meeting and you’re shuffling through hoards of paperwork for that project you’re working on. Unimaginable eh? Yea, we do as well.

So, in order to help you not go through that scenario and get you started, here are 4 additional ways to clean up your office. If you still aren’t sure where to start, we have provided you with a checklist to help you get on track. Just click on the link below to download our Office Cleaning Checklist! Watch the video too for cleaning spots you’ll miss while cleaning! =D