Aromatic yet uplifting, a certain beverage has savored around the world from India to the USA for centuries. An expensive beverage back then, tea was only enjoyed exclusively by the wealthy. A vision by Glasgow-born entrepreneur and innovator Sir Thomas Lipton in 1880, it is his wish to make tea universally accessible at fair prices, named after him, Lipton.

A Brief (126 Years) History About Lipton Tea ThomasLipton
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Lipton’s tea idea is actually generated during his diversion to Colombo, Ceylon on route to Australia. The coffee plantations on that island were obliterated by fungus and only few coffee trees survived. Seeing it happen before his very own eyes, Thomas Lipton then, with cash in hand, purchased five bankrupt plantations, paid workers to dispose of the dead trees and plant tea bushes in their place. In a few years time, the tea would then be plucked back to his stores and manufactured in tea bags.

A Brief (126 Years) History About Lipton Tea LiptonTeaBag
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10 years later in 1890, Thomas Lipton started to purchase tea estates in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, packaged and sold the world’s first Lipton tea. Not wanting to divert from his vision, Lipton teas are packaged by himself and shipped at low costs in hopes to sell his teas directly to the tea pot from the tea garden. Shortly after, 3 years later to be precise, in 1893, Thomas Lipton officially established Thomas J Lipton Co., a tea packing company with both headquarters and factory located in Hoboken, New Jersey. It has since become the World’s No.1 Tea brand with a commanding presence in over 150 countries.

To distinguish between the best quality tea from the bad ones, Sir Thomas Lipton color coded it in Yellow which has become Lipton’s flagship product – the Lipton Yellow Label, made with the finest blends from Ceylon and Kenya for that taste and aroma unique only to Lipton.

A Brief (126 Years) History About Lipton Tea LiptonYellowLabel
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Being healthy is one our Lipton‘s signature credo and with the best blend of teas from various tea garden across the globe, Lipton brings quality, vitality, and natural goodness into your life. The Lipton Yellow Label is the company’s flagship product in Malaysia and is equivalent to great taste and healthy goodness which contains antioxidants that reinforce the natural defense against negative effects of free radicals.

Are you a tea lover? If so, Lipton’s flagship tea product is the way to go supplying with vitality and defense against harmful effects. Get yours now – choose from 3 choices, the 3-in-1 Original Milk Tea, 3-in-1 Classic Milk Tea Latte, or the Signature Yellow Label!

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