Does your work regularly requires you to travel away from home? Sometimes you may need to print hardcopy while you’re on-the-move. There are a various models of mobile printer available out in the market, and there are 2 types of print technology which you’ll typically find: Ink-jet (also known as the ink printing technology) and Thermal (direct thermal printing using heated technology). The Brother’s PocketJet PJ-663 is an A4 thermal printer.

Without the use of ink cartridges, the process of thermal printing can be quite simple. The maintenance of a thermal printer is minimal due to the lack of these moving parts. Without these moving parts, the PJ-663 is very small and portable; with its dimensions of 55x255x30mm (WxDxH), it’s small enough to fit in most briefcases or laptop bags or even your car’s glove compartment!

Here are the 4 main vertical markets which the PocketJet is relevant to the daily job.

1.) Civil Servants & Emergency Services

PocketJet printers have become increasingly popular in the emergency services for a variety of applications. When used together with the vehicle mount & car chargers, they have proved to be the perfect in-car solution for the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services on a global scale. By printing when required PocketJet can reduce the risk of clerical errors enabling officers or medical staff to avoid any further unnecessary time consuming paperwork.

Brother PocketJet PJ 663 Bluetooth Mobile Printer in Public Safety & Emergency Services Verticals
Source: Brother UK

In the police, PocketJet allows law enforcement officers to quickly print a ticket without having to write it by hand, eliminating any potential handwriting errors.

Applications Include:

  • Citations/Fines
  • Patient reports
  • Incident reports
  • Warning notices

2.) Outdoor Sales

Brother PocketJet PJ 663 Bluetooth Mobile Printer in Outdoor Sales or Field Sales Verticals
Source: Brother UK

Exceed client expectations by printing documents last minute while on-the-move or on-site. Busy field sales professionals are able to print whatever is required at clients’ premises without having to communicate back to the office, giving more time to visit other clients.

Applications include:

  • Invoices
  • Financial plans
  • Price quotations
  • Contracts

3.) Logistics, Deliveries & Couriers

Brother PocketJet PJ 663 Bluetooth Mobile Printer in Logistics Deliveries Couriers Verticals
Source: Brother UK

Print a wide range of documents while on the road, in the truck or at customer’s premises. The fast print speed is ideal for busy delivery drivers with hectic workloads.

Applications include:

  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Order sheets
  • Stock taking data

4.) Field Services or On-site Services

Brother PocketJet PJ 663 Bluetooth Mobile Printer in Field Services Verticals
Source: Brother UK

PocketJet enables mobile engineers, on-site service providers able to increase efficiency & accuracy by leaving hard copies of documents while on the move, and reduce the risk of any future queries.

Applications include:

  • Invoices
  • Service reports
  • Maintenance reports
  • Replacement part orders


What is Thermal Print Technology?

When investigating the options for mobile technology, key decision makers are increasingly considering thermal printers as the only true and reliable solution for field professionals.

Printers using advanced direct thermal technology produce an image by heating speciallycoated thermal paper. When the paper passes over the thermal print head, the coating turns black in the areas where it is heated, producing an image. Thermal printing is increasingly considered by many as the only realistic solution for mobile applications for a number of reasons.

Thermal print technology enables busy mobile workers to be able to focus on the job at hand without the inconvenience, or the added cost of purchasing ink, toner or ribbons. Due to the nature of mobile working, thermal printing enables the machine to be mounted however possible, in any orientation, and can also be carried around without the risk of spillages, leaks and smudges. Regular PocketJet customers have also found thermal printing to be ideal for in-vehicle use because it is less susceptible to fluctuating seasonal temperatures and humidity extremes than other mobile technologies.

PocketJet PJ-663 features a high-quality, 300 dpi printing for applications that require the best output for fine text and graphics. Comes with an integrated USB 2.0 and IrDA interface, and a Bluetooth technology, the PocketJet 6 Plus is truly the best printing companion. Speed wise, the PocketJet 6 Plus performs just how it is mentioned on the paper

This machine is fully capable of fast, full-page mobile printing up to 6 ppm and prints on a variety of 8.5″ wide thermal media. Although compact, it prints crisp text and images with high quality. The printer also allows you to store document overlays to minimize data transfer with its full-featured design software for creating and downloading document overlays as well.

Here’s a short video that shows about Brother Mobile Printing Solutions.

The Brother PocketJet Plus 6 is indeed a very useful machine. If your daily printing needs includes printing e-mails and attachments that you need to see in hard copy for example, a proposal on the spot and handing it to a client, the printer’s speed and output quality is more than enough. It is, in short, a perfect choice for most portable printing needs and to those who’s looking for compact printers.

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