Your child turns twelve in a month and you wonder what’s the best first smartphone for him/her — Android or iOS?

Now, before you start walking towards a mobile store, as a parent, you should factor in the amount of a parental control you want to have over the device, and the types of phones in used or used by your family members. Considerations on cost and flexibility are also worth keeping in mind. Also, the most important thing before buying the phone is to have a chat with your child about the purpose for the phone — what will it be used for and how to behave with it.

Choosing Your Child's First Smartphone Smartphones
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You can find out the differences between Google’s Android system and Apple’s iOS software from Parent Tech Guide. The site describes Android’s looser control over what app developers can access, but do note the greater number of adaptable third-party parental control apps available where few versions of Android can have more restriction. In comparison, Apple is known to keep a tighter grip over both its operating system and apps that run on it, although you can still download additional device management software.

Parental controls are available in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS restriction settings does not only block access to the App Store but it also includes built-in apps, features and settings on the iOS device.

Choosing Your Child's First Smartphone Play Store Restriction
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For the past couple of years, due to the strict policy of Apple, the App Store has had fewer problems facing malware and other privacy-invading apps, but the gap is closer than ever for both companies where defenses against attacks have been stepped up to keep children from purchasing game credits with credit cards without supervised in-app purchases. The Google Play Family Library and Apple’s Family Sharing tools allow all family members to manage and share digital content purchased from respective online stores.

Both Android and iOS systems also include a built-in device tracking to locate the phone on a map, — in case where you don’t know the location of your child.

Due to its open-source nature, Android has been adapted by many manufacturers to run their own hardware, which could mean cheaper phones but a lesser user experience. While Apple takes production of both hardware and software into their hands which results to their products working better than their Android counterparts. Apple also has their own trade-in program which will be useful when the iOS device is in need for an upgrade.

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For many parents, getting that first smartphone for their child is the easy part, but the tough part is figuring out the most suitable or best device for their kids. Which is why the Internet is the first place to visit for more information and insights. There are plenty of resources online for dealing with the social and safety aspects of smartphone ownership.

So our thought is that, Android should be the better option for your kids’ first smartphone as it is cheaper and many free third-party apps would make up for the less restricted operating system unlike iOS devices. Check out these Android smartphones below for your child and see the smile on their faces!

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