If you’re a fan of rooting your Android phone time and time again, you must have heard of CyanogenMod. Cyanogen, the company responsible for the commercialisation of CyanogenMod will cease all operations by the end of 2016. Updates will no longer be released to the OS, no more nightly builds and no further security updates either. If your phone is installed with the OS, or phones like the original OnePlus handset, will have to switch to the Open Source version of the OS.

Cyanogen saw success in selling its OS to manufacturers like WileyFox and OnePlus that lacked the resources to build their own Android interfaces. And at that time, there’s no mod that’s like CyanogenMod — it was the go-to build for people who wanted more features than Android. Unfortunately their highest-profile customer, OnePlus, has decided to pull the plug and moved on to their own Android build, OxygenOS.

Though the CyanogenMod will be no more, the open source project which Cyanogen was based can, and most probably will continue. However, just like any Android mods, time and resources aren’t on their side. It’s worth to know that it’s hard to make money with mods, and with each day, Android is getting more and more capable, making iteration mods less necessary than they were compared to when Cyanogen first started out.

While the team behind Cyanogen would like to continue, it’d be a tough task as they described the shutdown as “a death blow”. Continuing will certainly be hard without the resources and many devices running the mod would bite the dust if users don’t move over the open source version of the OS soon.

Back in 2016, Kirth Mcmaster, CEO of Cyanogen said that “We’re putting a bullet through Google’s head.” This was everything a soundbite sounds like, crass and attention grabbing.

However, the problem is that it’s tough to simply “put a bullet” in the head of a company which creates the things your products are based on. Without the Android Open Source Project, the unrestricted version of Google’s Android OS, Cyanogen wouldn’t exist. Mods are usually packaged without the Google Play Services which is what make Android such a powerful proposition both to take down. Unless you can source an alternative app store, it’s gonna be tough working on a workable version of Android. However, Cyanogen did just that, by making a deal with Google which allowed them to package its services along with their Mod.

Cyanogen Planned To Kill Google's Android, But Killed Itself Instead CyanogenMod
Source: phonandroid

That being said, it’s really tough to beat Google at its territory. Cyanogen was created to offer Android phone users an alternative to the heavily customized UIs of their devices. But since then, Google has introduced devices like the Pixel, and Samsung, LG and other phone companies have paired all their devices back the level of customization, all indirectly to answer Cyanogen and other third-party mods.

Nonetheless, Cyanogen have given us a lot of good stuff and experiences in the world of Android, which cannot be found on Google’s version of Android at one point of a time. We should than them, not just for the mod but also for the open source project at least. It is safe to say, however, this CyanogenMod OS indirectly made everything better on Android and you can basically found the things which aren’t available on Google’s Android back then to be available now.

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