Did you know that, you can trade-in your laptop to us and get instant rebates? No matter the condition of your laptop, be it a spoilt, dead laptop or even a cracked screen on the display, we accept all. But of course, we would want them to be in one piece (legs, arms, head)  😛 .

Did you know...You can Trade-in your old/spoilt (even dead) laptop to us? OldLaptops
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I’m pretty sure you will have at least one rusty piece of laptop laying somewhere in a corner of your house or is planning to send one to the dumpster. Don’t do that, instead get it to us and you will get instant shopping vouchers based on the SRP of the laptop of your choice. Depending on the price of the laptop, you will get about 5-10% rebate value.

Did you know...You can Trade-in your old/spoilt (even dead) laptop to us? Recycle
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It is worth to keep in mind that by disposing off your laptop, it will be considered an e-waste and you will be regretting it later on. E-waste is proven to take a much more longer time to be taken apart and recycled. Also, did you know that there is something valuable used to build the hardware of your electronics. Well, that is for you to reconsider after reading this article below.

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So what are you waiting for? Get instant rebates by trading in your old laptop/s to us now! Visit our site now and go through our list of laptops from business laptops to gaming laptops.

For more information on how to trade-in your laptop do visit our #StayGreen campaign.

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