Here is a complete list of facebook emoticons and their keyboard shortcuts. Here is how to use them: type in the code and press enter to get it to show up.

Emoticon Shortcut code Notes
Shark (^^^) Shark with sharp teeth out.
Penguin <(“) Penguin looking to the left.
Robot :|] Robot face.
Happy : ) A happy smiley face.
Sad : ( A sad and frowning smiley…
Tongue : P Sticking tongue out.
Grin : D A big grin and laughing.
Shocked :O Shocked and surprised.
Winking ; ) Winking.
Nerd B) Nerdy smiley with glasses.
Cool B| Cool smiley wearing…
Upset >:( Upset and angry.
Unsure :/ Unsure or doubtful emoticon.
Crying :'( Crying emoticon with tears.
Devil 3:) Laughing devil emoticon.
Angel O:) A blushing angel with a halo.
Kiss :* Girl sending a kiss and a…
Heart <3 A red heart emoticon.
Keke ^_^ Kekeke happy emoticon.
Bored -_- Annoyed, sighing or bored.
Confused o.O Confused or WTF emoticon.
Angry >:O Upset, angry or shouting…
Pacman :v A Pacman emoticon.
Cat :3 Cat faced smiley.
Putnam :putnam: Christopher Putnam, a…

(June 20, 2015 – sherv.net)