According to one professor, the way Facebook is designed means people are bound to fall out and suffer sever emotional wounding.

The social media site forces people to talk mindlessly and not listen to each other, said Glenn Sparks. And due to people becoming “friends” with so many others, there will be falling out happening, and users experiences traumatic scenarios as a result, claimed the professor and communications expert.

Additionally the professor says that this all happens because the site is terrible at letting people nuance. This means that people wouldn’t be able to express their feelings and saying about politics or other sensitive topics simply, – and tend to end up falling out.

Facebook Indirectly Encourages People To Fall Out, says Professor News Feed
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“When having face-to-face communication, you don’t blast a political message in someone’s face; you have a conversation,” said Glenn Sparks, a professor at the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. “The social media site is not a platform that promotes careful dialogue, nor is it a place to carefully listen to other people’s opinion. Text is a destitute medium for expressing emotion, which is actually a key for conversations. The lack of sensitive emotional expression on social media often contributes to an out of control bitter communication.”

While Facebook’s objective is to encourage people to be friends with lots of people, but it actually exposes the user to people they don’t really know and end up having extremely different political beliefs from, he said.

This effectively means that people can end up “defriend” each other — something which could be intensely upsetting for both parties or those involved as well.

“If people can understand that this is social media, they can remind themselves that it is designed to connect people around the world, not separate or manipulate people,” said Professor Sparks. “But, when it comes to actually posting, people often fail to take second thoughts. Posts are often formed rapidly and impulsively, which can lead to instability and set off unexpected emotional reactions.”

For some however, they might find it better to not engage in such conversations over the site about those upsetting topics, or try taking face-to-face instead.

“Many users have made up their mind to not engage or stick their heads in Facebook political discussions, and people need to set their priorities straight and do what is best for their well-being,” Sparks added. “If Facebook political posts are displeasing and often irritating, look elsewhere for opportunities to engage and discuss with people the traditional way, face-to-face. Friendships and families can always be strengthened as people are gradually looking for ways to engage offline.”

Facebook Indirectly Encourages People To Fall Out, says Professor Posts
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So people, while Facebook is a great platform to connect with your family and friends, you can’t really rely onto it forever, you have to always find ways to engage with those you know face-to-face as it would be more beneficial than staying in your room. Be smart, and don’t post impulsively online, even if the post irritates or displeases you. Remember, there is no reason for you to stick your head into the mouth of a crocodile.

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