It’s officially May, and apart from celebrating a day off work during the 1st of May, it’s also time for Mother’s Day. Every person should absolutely know that the second Sunday in May is reserved for celebrating that special woman in your life, be it your wife of your children or your mother. And if you have forgotten about it, let this post serve as your priority reminder before it’s too late and you disappointing either one of them. A piece of advice, no mother or woman would like to be disappointed, let alone forgotten.

Here’s a brief history on how Mother’s Day emerged to what we know today. In the 1900s, a woman named Anna Jarvis felt that mothers should be celebrated for the important role they play and after years of persistence and dedication, she finally succeeded in having Mother’s Day marked as an official holiday by President Woodrow Wilson; and the rest is history.

What started out to be a day where mothers are celebrated with greeting cards and flowers has grown to stores now advertising chocolate diamonds for ridiculous prices and price of roses escalated dramatically during the month of May. Personally, I loathe the ideas of expensive gifts and theatrical commercials. I’m not saying that these gifts are wrong in anyway, but it isn’t really necessary for you to spend a fortune to celebrate Mother’s Day. What mothers truly desired are to be appreciated.

So, here are some ideas or simple gestures to show your love and adoration to that special woman in your life without punching a hole in your wallet.

A Nap

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If the special woman in your life is the mother of your children or your own mother, all she really wants is sleep. A good uninterrupted sleep is so much more better than actual diamonds, although some might differ. If you ask me, i actually do not know of any mother who said she wanted chocolates for Mother’s Day or things similar to that. So, cross chocolate off your gift list and forever so; or have you forgotten about “I’m getting FAT!”? Instead, try this trick, change a new bedding, because nothing is better than getting into a bed with crisp, clean sheets. Then usher your woman into bed coupled with relaxing sounds that can be achieved by having one of these speakers.

A Nice Little Surprise Gift

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Now what I meant by surprise gift is not that expensive bag or watch that you say the other day. What I meant was a simple bottle of perfume or even a nice bottle of soap, just to make her relax, the kind that she loves but rarely ever have her hands on. The kind you can’t find at your nearest mall. Even the simplest of greeting card would make them feel appreciated or you can make it yourself too.

An Afternoon Tea

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Being a mom, stress, is like a tumor that never goes away, and what you can make her feel better is to take her out for a nice afternoon tea to unwind, have a little chat with her, and watch her relax. Trust me, they have earned that right. They wash everything from your undies to your dirty socks; match those socks up with the other, and then magically make those appear in everyone’s wardrobe. That task alone is enough to make anyone to desire a peaceful, calming tea. Take her out to a nice place and let sip in peaces and enjoy.


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While some of you may disagree with me, but bringing her to a simpler dinner could do wonders, more than what they experience in a fancy, high-end, expensive restaurant. Also, moms have a love-hate relationship with cooking. At times, they would love to cook for you just to see a smile on your faces, and at times they would stress out and stray away from cooking for that night. Think about them thinking of recipes to cook from, dreadful eh? So, book a place nearby, nothing fancy, just a simple, relaxed restaurant with a nice atmosphere, and you will be surprised by their reaction OR, get on an apron and cook for her! Trust me on this one.

Ideas and gifts you might have in mind? Share it down below and let’s celebrate all moms in the world!