When you look back to how far has modern connectivity come, it’s fascinating. We’re now in the age where virtual reality is taking a main stand if not already. Our modern connectivity is a remarkable thing, and never more remarkable than when a father can actually connect with his child.

Future Fathers: Livestreamed Virtual Reality Birth Moment Intro

And before you start scrolling down, you would wanna make sure that you aren’t baking anything or else, stop reading because things are about to get escalated pretty quickly to 11 on the future scale.

If you think gaming on a virtual reality headset is crazy, how about a dad watching his baby’s birth all through a VR headset? How about dads feeling their children doing kungfu through a smartwatch?

YOU STILL HERE? Good, read on.

Those Kicks Are Fast As Lightning

It’s every dads’ dream to be involved in their other half’s pregnancy. Every single time your unborn child does a 360 kick across your partner’s uterus, you would be excited and rushed to feel it.

Libero, Scandinavian diaper brand and developer Volontaire have made a wearable for parents who don’t want to miss every single kick with each other. To feel the child’s kick, both parent wear a “BabyBuzz” on their wrist – and when the baby kicks, mom presses a button on the BabyBuzz which will then notify dad with a vibration on dad’s BabyBuzz. Similarly, you can also check out wearables from multiple brands here.

The VR Delivery Room

While Virtual Reality has taken the world by storm, it is nonetheless, still in a development resurgence, and Samsung has jumped into the fray with their own VR Headset, the Samsung Gear VR. The headset is supposedly use for all sorts of activity, gaming or ride on the world’s highest roller coaster but it also can be used on a different approach:

Getting teary eyes? Well, ninja’s should be cutting onions somewhere. I get it.

But no, seriously, the VR headset has a lot of potential and opportunities to reach out to those who are far away from their loved ones or actually watch their babies’ births while deployed somewhere across the world. It’d be a wonder to leverage this technology for the greater good – connecting families and friends anywhere. Though, the Samsung VR headset would cost a fortune, alternatively, check out these instead.

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