Everyone has had a dream of a serene office environment free of clutter, wires and cables, but just how realistic is it to achieve the “wireless dream”?¬†Thanks to the advancement in technology, the wireless dream has become all the more possible.

Setting up your workplace around wireless devices is the future in order to create a clutter free, wireless office and make work more efficient and effective. Many of these wireless gadgets have help to minimize workplace stress and satisfied employees are more likely to be more productive.

Here are a few must-have gadgets for your work environment to and turn your workplace to the “wireless dream”.

1. Asus Zen AiO Pro

Gadgets For A Clutter Free Wireless Workspace Asus Zen Aio Pro
Source: asus

The single most space cluttering and has the most cables device in your workplace is most probably the PC. While you might have done a good job in keeping those annoying cables out of sight with your DIYs, that doesn’t change the fact that the cables are still there and you will have trouble with them from time to time¬†(switching places, replacing, etc.) coupled with wires from the desktop, keyboard, mouse and more.

Your ultimate solution of achieving that “wireless dream” is to get an All-In-One Desktop. With the Asus Zen All-In-One¬†desktop, you can reduce them cables and all you need is one single wire connecting your desktop to a power hub.

2. Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

Gadgets For A Clutter Free Wireless Workspace Microsoft All In One Media Keyboard
Source: microsoft

With a limited desk to boot with in the first place, the last thing you would wanna do is add more things on it. Traditional workplace is often limited and it only offer spaces enough for your PC which includes the ever annoying cables of the keyboard. I’m sure you have experienced the moment when you don’t have any space for your sketchbook and the only thing to do is to move your keyboard away¬†but you can’t¬†(short cables, detaching it). Get Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard to solve this problem and you will never have to worry again.

3. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse

Gadgets For A Clutter Free Wireless Workspace Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse
Source: vdomains

Nowadays, it is a real necessity for a wireless mouse and I don’t see why you wouldn’t have one. Having a wireless mouse is so convenient, you could carry it anywhere you desire – not to say a wired mouse couldn’t. But, having a wireless mouse is certainly better – with no wire cluttering your work space and heck you can control your computer from a far distance. Coupled with a wireless keyboard, heck, you can even stay in your bed and browse through the net from your computer 10 feet away with the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse!

4. Logitech Wireless Headset

Gadgets For A Clutter Free Wireless Workspace Logitech Wireless Headset H600
Source: logitech

For those whose work involves verbal communication, or just enjoy music while figuring out the next title for your blog, it is a must for you to get a wireless headset, earpiece or whatever that gives you the convenience to walk around without disengaging your headset from you. Just like the keyboard and mouse, the Logitech Wireless Headset allows you to enjoy your music from a distance and you can even talk to your customer while you are in the toilet¬†(if it’s Mark on the other end).

5. WD My Passport Wireless Wi-Fi Mobile Storage

GadgeGadgets For A Clutter Free Wireless Workspace WD My Passport Wirelessts For A Clutter Free Wireless Workspace Logitech Wireless Headset H600
Source: htxt

While you may have cloud storage at your disposal or you have several external hard drives to boot but have you ever wondered you could browse through your files and photos seamlessly from your external drives without any physical contact to you PC or mobile devices? With a wireless external drive, the “wireless dream” has become all that more possible. Also, some external drives out there doubles as a power bank like the WD My Passport and you can charge your mobile devices while you watch your movies from your external drive without wires!

6. HP PageWide Pro MFP Printer

Gadgets For A Clutter Free Wireless Workspace HP Pagewide Pro Printer
Source: itpro

The boss of any work place, is it a absolute must have and do I need to tell you that? It is demanding, absolute, pressing and does all you ask, but you would still love it because unconditionally, the printer!. Being one of the most important device in the office, it is no doubt you would want to get a printer that handles everything flawlessly and worth it.

Most printers now supports wireless technology but it is essential that you find the right one to compliment your personality. Boasting HP’s fastest printing technology yet, the HP PageWide Pro Printer Series prints faster than any color MFP with cost lower than any other in its class.

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