For a long time, Gmail has maintained a size cap of 25MB on its emails and attachments that can be received, and the company has recently announced that they re now expanding this limit to 50MB.

However, the search giant has stated that the size limit on sending mails through its service will still remain at 25MB for users. This effectively means that Gmail users can now receive larger sized emails from other search clients that offer sending mails with size up to 50MB. Never needing to compress your attachments again.

Gmail Users Can Now Receive Emails Up to 50MB in Additional Size Gmail
Source: Google

Considering the fact that the attachments often exceed the 25MB size limit, this can be seen as a welcome gesture by the giant. Needless to say, but for users who desire to exchange larger files can continue to do so as files that exceed the 50MB limit will automatically be store in Google Drive, or alternatively you can upload your files straight away onto the Drive service instead.

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According to Google in its blog post, the giant said, “Sending and receiving attachments is a crucial aspect in email exchanges. While Google Drive offers a convenient way to share files regarding of size, sometimes there comes a need to receive large files as direct email attachments.”

The search giant said that the change will come into effect for all users very soon. It would be interesting and intriguing to see if Google would ultimately increase the size limit on emails sent from its Gmail client in the near future or decides to retain it as it is.

So, never ever worry again about sending a large attachment! Google has got you covered, be it a large picture album or a 200 pages report, you’ll have no problems sharing it with your clients or family. All you have to do is make sure your internet speed is fast enough or you’ll be counting stars waiting for it to upload. Check out these networking accessories below to ensure you’re always connected and utilizes the full speed of your Internet provider!

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