While you may be using Google on pretty much everything every time you go online and during your time in college. You searched for everything from articles to questions like, “How are babies made?”

However, have you ever wondered what do people all around the world searched for apart from you? Well, you can know just about all them. Just recently, Google has just released its annual “Year in Search” of 2016 of its top trending stories. The recap includes everything from the biggest moments to major events and even user interests, during the year of emotional rollercoaster known as the year 2016.

Coming in first in the overall global list of searches this year was none other than — you’re probably running with it now — Pokémon Go. The outrageously popular mobile game phenomenon of the summer is followed closely by iPhone 7, Donald Trump, Prince and the Powerball. While on the Global News Category, the US Election topped the category along with the Olympics, the shocking Brexit, the Orlando Shooting and the deadly Zika Virus – all of which plays a part in contributing to the emotional wreck this year. Yes, it’s overwhelming, just to think that so much have happened in a single year, and that’s just two categories from the huge collection. For the rest of the collection, from top TV shows, top movies, top songs and more at Google’s “Year in Search” page.

To sum up the “Year in Search”, Google included a short video (shown below), which basically describes a painful tribute to those who topped the Losses category – Prince, David Bowie, Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman, and Gene Wilder to name a few. But apart from the video serving as a reminder of what we lost in 2016, the video also shows how all of us, around the world came together as one to celebrate and brace through all of it.

Alienated by some of the names? Well, start Googling now with your smartphones and other devices and spread the love!

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