Whether you are working from home or in the office, the environment you work in plays an extremely important role in determining your mood and day. 

One of the biggest mistakes made by business people is assuming that working remotely will automatically result in higher level of productivity. This is not entirely true, let me tell you. Unless your work environment is carefully constructed, you may find that working from home of in the office will be less productive than you anticipated. 

Home Office Equipment Checklist 101 Work Desk
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Now, working on the sofa with your cat cuddling up to your hands might sound idyllic; however, this can possibly lead to multiple back problems further down the line. Where possible, we believe and advise that a separate work are will prove to be more beneficial for home workers where a proper set up with proper chair, desk and equipment is present. This isn’t entirely space dependent. With a little bit of creativity and smart furniture, you can make any tiny nook into a productive work environment. 

Not sure where and how to start? We’ve got you covered, simply click on the download link below for our Home Office Equipment Checklist and sail away aye!