Did you know that more than six in ten employees visit non work-related websites during office hours, and almost half (46 percent) have spent time at their desk looking for other jobs?

Social media can be a source of time suckage, too. Facebook is the biggest culprit, with 41 percent of respondents using the social network, ahead of LinkedIn (37 percent), Twitter (8 percent) and Pinterest (4 percent).

But overall, the internet is less of a threat to employee productivity than you might think – less than one in five (18 percent) workers waste time online.

(Or so they say.)

Fixing the mistakes of others (37 percent), office politics (43 percent) and those notoriously unproductive meetings (47 percent) are cited as the biggest causes of wasting time in the office, with employees saying that not being challenged enough (35 percent), long hours (34 percent) and lack of incentive (32 percent) are the main reasons why they’re so easily distracted.

But is it really a problem? 70 percent of employees believe that short breaks throughout the day are essential, and the U.S. workers are the most productive in the world – despite all that goofing around.



(August 5, 2015 – AdWeek.com)