Q: I have countless photos stored on my Facebook and Instagram that act like a visual diary through the years of my life. Is there a way to actually keep them safe — outside my phone, maybe even transfer and store them into a hard drive? It would be devastating if I were to lost them to hackers, changes in programs or even my account being deleted for reasons.

A: The horror, devastation and depression of a crashed, hacked or deleted social media could mean losing years of precious memories or time even. But, similar to storing data locally on your computer, backing your precious memories somewhere else is always the best way. Even if the chances of you being hacked is close to none, you may still want to make a copy of the contents in your account just in case you decided that one day, you are gonna quit using the service, or the company changes its terms to which are not your liking.

How To Back Up Your Feeds On Social Media Digime
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A simple way to backup all your pictures, friends, followers, tags and comments from your Instagram account for example, is to search for a social media backup service like digi.me which provides you a hassle-free solution. Digi.me is a social media backup service that is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems that automatically backs up and syncs your posts and uploads from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and several others as well to your your hard drive, either your local or external drive. Upon installation of the software, you can start backing up your posts and view four social media accounts and get a 30-days free trial of the Digi.me premium service, that allows you to search, create PDFs and many other features as well at a starting price of $7 a year.

Another similar service is Frostbox which works with Instagram, and other social media sites too. Frostbox automtically creates a daily backup of your account which is stored online starting from $7 per month.

If you find that paying for backup service is not  to your liking, you can download free tools like InstaPort from Vibbi.com that simply allows you to grab a copy of the photos you posted on Instagram.

If you still prefer the old method of manually backing up your photos and videos and have all the time in the world, you can create your own archive of your Instagram feed on your computer. All you have to do is login to your account from your computer, open your photos on separate tabs with likes and comments displayed and print it — or simply save each photo in a PDF file format. You also combine all of your separate PDF photos into one master file with PDFsam for Windows or Preview on the Mac to make your own digital document of your Instagram account.

So start backing up your posts and feeds with the software above, or go the traditional way by backing them up with external drives and print them out.

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