How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Network?

I’m sure we’ve all have experienced this. Tucked comfortably on your bed, popcorn ready and watching The Vampire Diaries on iflix when all of a sudden, the video turns black – and the nightmare begins. You’re drawn into the world of endless buffering yet again. It’s frustrating and annoying when your network either slows down or worse of all, connection lost.

Of course, just like any piece of electronic, it has weaknesses and isn’t perfect. The main weakness of a Wi-Fi signal is that you will have to perfectly grasp the spot where the signals are covers your work area. Fortunately, there are several ways to boost your Wi-Fi network and you can buffer without problems again. Here are a few:

1. Location

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The single most important weakness of a router is the location it is put in. Most of us do not understand that Wi-Fi antenna is omnidirectional, and the antennas are there for some reason, which is to send signals all over equally. In simple English, if you put your router in a close quarter room, surrounding it with thick walls, expect weak Wi-Fi throughout your environment. Also, hiding it would have the same effect and might be worst in some case. So for the best coverage and signal, it is strongly advised that you place your router in the middle of your area with less to no obstacle or keep it higher off the ground as some routers are designed to project Wi-Fi signal a little downward.

2. Keep Away From Appliances & Metal Objects

It is proven that metal objects and some electronic appliances will interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Microwaves, wireless telephones, and other routers or even fluorescent lights, you read that right, your house lights may also bring your signal down. In order to reduce the interference, you are to place your router at a certain distance to appliances as well as metal objects and you can also set your wireless channel and frequency with the least amount of interference if you live in an apartment or condominium. If you wanna opt for less hassles, you may want to get a router that have the option to find the best channel for you or you can use online tools like the Acrylic Wi-Fi that helps you to find the right wireless channel with least amount of interference.

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You absolutely should avoid placing your router near metal objects as it tend to absorb signal strengths.

3) On, Off. On, Off…

This might sound simple enough, but mind you, many tech problems can be solved by simply turning your router on and off on a regular schedule. Many people doesn’t know that this is one of the most simplest and effective way and it does not cost you a single cent. So, before you reach to your phone and start calling for tech support, you might wanna try resetting or rebooting your router first and save yourself the talk time.

4) Adjust The Antennas

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Most routers have two to three adjustable antennas and they of course play a huge part in directing your signals as well. If your antennas are all parallel, it is about time that you switch them to perpendicular. Wi-Fi signals work best when it is parallel to a device’s internal antenna, which are mostly horizontal in laptops. While the antennas may vary in devices, you can keep your router’s antennas perpendicular to your devices depending on your usage to ensure a solid connection.

5) Get A New Router

If all still fails, well, it is generally that time when you have to get a new one. As costly as it may sound, buying a new router will considerably boost up your Wi-Fi signal as new routers are equipped with much more enhanced feature to provide you that extra boost in connectivity. Always keep in mind that, you will have to eventually replace your tech products in the future and of course, you have to always keep them up-to-date to the latest firmware or maintaining on a regular basis, be it an old device or new.

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There are many different brands of routers out there and there are more or less having the same functionalities and features. Before making your decision, you might want to have a look at Asus’s Wi-Fi routers which are one of the best at the moment.

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