The break room of a company plays a very important role in maintaining productivity. It is an area to cultivate social and is the cultural epicenter of the whole building itself. However, there are still many companies that fail to recognize this. As a post by The Huffington Post, “Break rooms are more than just a place for lunch and coffee but it is a place where employees can forget about their work for a while without physically stepping out of the office and it also develop friendships and sociability”.

How To Create An Ideal Break Room For Your Employees Justiceleague
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All too often, the break rooms are generally not offering much and all there is would probably be leftovers or 3-in-1’s. With the business world advancing and company trends that promotes employee well-being, it is becoming a necessity that break rooms are supplied with food an drink supplies that will help to promote productivity as well as motivation.

Below are a few ways to create that quintessential break room for employees.

1. Bring In Technologies

How To Create An Ideal Break Room For Your Employees Gaming
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Chances of a break room having tech gadgets is close to zero in most company (obviously not big companies like Facebook, Google, etc.). Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to bring in gaming consoles or such. Instead, you can stock the break room with tablets and such to boost employee’s morale and more. Studies have shown that employees are more happy when they are given a place to relax and “play”. Happy employees = happy customers.

2. Quiet Areas

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While many would go wild and loud during breaks, some would prefer a break; less noise or a quick nap. Have you seen the movie The Internship, whereby two salesmen found their way to an internship at Google and there was a scene where Owen Wilson was catching a quick nap inside a “Nap Pod”? That’s how you should get ideas from there and you can provide your employees headphones as well.

3. Keep It Clean & Pleasant

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Just like how you would want to keep your kitchen clean, all break rooms should be well maintained as well. Who would want to sit in a smelly and uncomfortable break room and enjoy their break. Encourage employees to share responsibility in keeping the break room clean or hire workers instead. Also, nose-pleasant air fresheners can be used to freshen up things as well.

4. FOOD!

How To Create An Ideal Break Room For Your Employees Food
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Of course, what would a break room be without food and beverages? Consider stocking the break room with adequate supplies of food and beverage. Sure, coffee and tea are generally available in most break rooms, but employees will feel more appreciated when there are more varieties. Stock the shelves with snacks, such as chips or sodas and occasionally, you could provide something different for instance, ordering pizza at lunch hour. What’s more, if it’s relevant to the company’s culture, you can coordinate a schedule where employees take turns bringing refreshments to share.

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Consider creating break rooms as such as a token of appreciation to your employees. This simple act of gesture might cost you so much but it is gonna gain you priceless, invaluable trust and motivation from your employees. Start stocking the break room with stuffs right now!

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