Does your workplace gives off an unpleasant feeling? Is your workplace stressful, or do you wish to organize your work area in a way that helps you become more focused, motivated, comfortable, and relaxed? You’ve found the right guide. More than 50% of Malaysians wish they could choose a different job than their current one, but the sad truth everyone knows is that finding a new job in today’s economy can be tough. So, try building a more peaceful and pleasant workplace with this simple guide.

Decorate with Photos and Artwork

How To: Feng Shui Your Workplace Photos
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1. Photos of your family, friend, children or pets can help motivate you.

2. Hang a piece or two inspirational or abstract artwork on your world

Avoid Warehouse Lightning

How To: Feng Shui Your Workplace Lamps
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3. Don’t work entirely with an overlay light. It can become uncomfortable for both your eyes and mind.

4. If your workspace is under fluorescent lights, you should bring in some supplemental incandescent light in the form of a floor or table lamp.

Vivid Color Choice

How To: Feng Shui Your Workplace Colors
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5. Rather than just a bland one tone color surrounding your work environment, try adding a pop of color in the form of something red, orange, or purple to brighten up your workplace.

Plants Help Grow Your Career

6. Plants that purify airs helps in distracting you from the small size of your workspace and the constant traffic that may pass by.

How To: Feng Shui Your Workplace Plant
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7. Place an odd number of healthy living plants to create a more active, and vibrant energy.

8. Lift your mood by placing a fountain or picture of a waterfall or flowing river.

9. Keep the temperature in your workplace between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clear Clutter

How To: Feng Shui Your Workplace Clutter
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10. If there are papers on your desk, organize them into a single pile, this will make going through them much easier.

11. The less clutter on your desk, the lesser distraction you’ll get from your work if there are fewer items.

12. If you have drawers or cabinets under your desk, make use of them and place extra stationery or other office supplies out of sight. If you don’t put them on a single container or something similar.

Simplify Your Computer

13. In addition to maintaining a clean physical workplace, you should also organize your computer as it’s a main part in your daily work. Clear your desktop of unnecessary icons and files, and create new folders if needed.

14. Choose a simpler, serene wallpaper as your desktop’s background, preferably a green environment or the nature.

How To: Feng Shui Your Workplace Desktop
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15. Only keep files or documents you are currently working on open.