Throwing your phone on your bed or anywhere when you’re home, almost every time, or occasionally? Well, it’s pretty natural, especially when you’re tired or it’s all out of your habit? Finding your phone would prove to be an easy task, thanks to bigger screens and all. Even if you can’t locate it for some reason, you can just call it up and trace your ringing tone. However, what if your phone is turned to silent mode?

Let’s say you were in a meeting and you enabled the silent mode on your phone and forgot to disabled it after. And of course, a normal would start to freak out when they can’t locate their phone, even with silent mode disabled. In short, you’re in deep trouble if you can locate your smartphone while it’s Silent, don’t you think? Luckily, there are interesting ways to locate your Android even when silent mode is enabled.

Scroll down below and you’ll find ways and tools to locate your Silent Android phone. There’s a bunch of requisites for each method. Therefore, just in case, you can use any of these methods so that you don’t have to worry no more on your misplaced device.

1. Android Device Manager

If you have no idea, Android Device Manager is a tool that is built into the Android OS itself that’s designed to locate and control your Android devices. This is provided that your Android device is connected to the Internet, which you can then use ADM to locate, lock or erase your device. It can be used to find your lost devices as well. At the very least, you can use it to safeguard your data. What’s good about Android Device Manager is that it can ring your phone even in silent mode to try locate your phone if it’s within the radius of your hearing.

Set Up Android Device Manager

First up, you must enable location access on your Android device before you can use ADM. So, it is advised that you enable it now if you didn’t. Then go to Google Settings and select Security and to the Android Device Manager Tab

Under the tab, you’re required to enable two options which are Remotely locate this device, and Allow remote lock and erase. This is to ensure that if you lost access to your device, you can use it to regain access.

Locate Your Device Using ADM

Next, follow these steps below to locate your Silent devices:

How To Find Your Android Even When It’s In Silent Mode Android Device Manager
Source: googleplay
  1. Go on Google Account Settings and locate Android Device Manager from the menu.
  2. On the next interface, you’ll be shown a list of information regarding registered devices.
  3. On the drop-down menu, select the device you want to find.
  4. Tap on the ‘Ring’ button.
  5. Select ‘Ring’ once again, in the prompt window.
How To Find Your Android Even When It’s In Silent Mode Ring Device First Method
Source: googleplay

Given that your device has an active connection the Internet, it will ring for 5 minutes in full volume. Unless you tap the power button, it will continue to ring. Pointless to say, it will work in silent mode too. So, this is most probably the best way to find your Android devices given that most users have an Internet connection on the devices. Unfortunately, this won’t work without an Internet connection.

2. Ring My Droid

If in any case your device doesn’t has an Internet connection, this method might be for you as you do not need an Internet connection with this tool.

Ring My Droid is an app which you can download from the Google Play Store and it’s completely free. This app is built to help you locate your device in Silent mode. Unlike Android Device Manager, this app relies on SMS.

Set Up Ring My Droid

Firstly, like any app from the Google Play Store, you’ll have to download it, and it only takes 402KB. If your Android is on v2.1 and later versions, it will work fine.

How To Find Your Android Even When It’s In Silent Mode Ring My Droid
Source: googleplay

After installation, you’ll be prompt to set up a ‘Key Phrase’. Keep in mind that the key phrase entered is going to be the alarm trigger on your device. So, you should choose something that you’re familiar with. Do make sure that the app is allowed permissions in your app settings.

Using Ring My Droid

So after setting up the app, the next time your phone has decided to go AWOL, grab another phone. Now, you have to send the key phrase you chose to your phone. As soon as your number receives the text, it will start ringing and you can start locating your device.

That being said, you’d still be requiring an active cellular connection on your device or it wouldn’t work. If your device has somehow gone into a place where both cellular and internet connection wouldn’t reach, it’s time to say goodbye.

3. Clap To Find

In this method, you have to make actually make a physical effort to use it. If you put your phone in your room but you have no idea where it is, Clap to Find is another good way to locate it. It is a free app on the Play Store and can be installed in a blink of an eye. It too doesn’t require much set-up process, but it’s interesting as it requires you to clap as the trigger to ring your device.

Set Up Clap to Find

How To Find Your Android Even When It’s In Silent Mode Clap to Find Settings
Source: googleplay

After going through the downloading and installation process, you’ll be red-directed to a set-up interface. On this interface, you have to clap three times to configure the system. The application will then record both the intensity and frequency of your claps. It generally weighs around 6MB and has proven to be pretty useful.

The unique part about Clap to Find is that it’s much more customizable in the way it works. For example, you can enable Sound, Flash or Vibrate as your preferred alert method. You can also opt for ringtone as well. Another feature that we’d found amusing is the pause clap detection in specific hours. This feature allows the app to be turned off at a clap when you put your device in Silent mode.

Using Clap to Find

As we mentioned, it’s effortless. The next time your phone plays hide-&-seek once again, just clap THREE times. The app will then scan for the intensity and interval of claps – your device will start ringing it it matches the database, if it doesn’t, try again. In our test, the app was able to detect the sound of your clap around 10ft away, however, results varies depending on your device’s microphone as well.

How To Find Your Android Even When It’s In Silent Mode Clap to Find
Source: googleplay

As opposed to the other two methods, this method requires neither a cellular connection nor data connection. However, your device has to be in close proximity of you.

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Now, you have a few interesting options here to locate your Android devices, whether it’s lost, or in Silent mode. Depending on the condition of your device, you should tend carefully to which method suit your device the best. Each has its own pros and cons. However, by having anyone of them, it’d be useful in unfortunate events, better safe than sorry. If your current Android device is deteriorating, check out these amazing Android devices here.

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