I’m pretty sure, most of us use WhatsApp as a main form of communication right after phone calls between friends, families, as well as clients, and even customers.

But little did you know, there are more than what you can see behind the scenes where your data and information are actually being collected if you do not pay attention. Did you know WhatsApp has been bought over by Facebook a few years ago, similarly like Instagram?

Privacy & Data

How to Opt Out of WhatsApp-Facebook Ads Data Sharing Datasharing
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And just recently, WhatsApp has announced a big change to its privacy policy which, data from users will be collected by the company and shared to its parent company, Facebook – including for ad-targeting purposes.

According to WhatsApp, “We will be able to track basic metrics on how frequent people uses their app and provide them info to better fight spam on WhatsApp”.

Your data will not only be shared to Facebook alone but it will be shared to the “Facebook family of companies” as well, most probably to the popular VR firm Oculus Rift, another acquired company by Facebook and also Instagram.

Under the new update, users will be prompt with new T&Cs which includes the phone number users used to verify their account and also the time they last used the service. Much to the relief, there is an option to opt out of some of the data sharing policies (scroll down for more details). However, most users are probably gonna tap ‘I agree’ to the new T&Cs without going through them and knowing what they are consenting to.

You can read the full WhatsApp legal info here.

And this is why, you should always go through a few lines (at least) of T&Cs as you might be allowing your data and information to be shared without your knowledge and you’ll only be crying over spilled beans after.

Opting out (partially)

Although there is an option to opt out of WhatsApp data sharing for Facebook ad targeting, you are not entirely opting out it. So even though you have selected to partially opt out, “your data will still be shared for other purposes such as improving infrastructure and delivery systems, understanding how our services or theirs are used, securing systems, and fighting spam, abuse, or infringement activities”, states WhatsApp.

Here’s how to:

For existing users (Go to option 2), there is an option for you to choose not to share your data and information with Facebook to improve your Facebook ads and products experiences.

And if you are a new user, you might wanna read the T&Cs carefully and look at option 1 below.

Option 1

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Under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page, you have to press Agree no matter how and tap Read right after. Don’t get freak out yet, you haven’t shared anything in this just.

How to Opt Out of WhatsApp-Facebook Ads Data Sharing Image
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After tapping on Read, scroll to the bottom of your screen and you will see a tick box with it asking whether or not you’d like to share your information to Facebook. If you do not, tap on the box to uncheck and tap Agree. That’s how you partially opt-out.

Option 2

How to Opt Out of WhatsApp-Facebook Ads Data Sharing Image
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Pretty sure you wouldn’t be going through this option if you didn’t left the T&Cs unread or ‘accidentally’ agreed on it. Well, what’s done is done. Moving on, in the settings page you will then select the account tab and uncheck the box with the words ‘Share my account info’. Keep in mind that after you have agreed to the T&Cs and privacy policy, you will have an additional 30 days to change your mind.

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