How To Prevent Zika Virus Mosquitoes?


Though small and tiny, mosquito is regarded to be the most deadly animal in the world. It might seem impossible that something so tiny can account for 1 million deaths per year according to the World Health Organization. Most deaths are caused by dangerous and fatal diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya and the recent Zika virus outbreak which caused multiple countries in the west to be on high alert.

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And just right after we celebrated our 59th Independence Day, we have our first confirmed Zika case in Klang. While the government is carrying out control measures to prevent it from spreading, you should too, yourself do the necessaries. Just like how you are taught or told to prevent against Aedes mosquitoes, you should do all that, change your plant water frequently, clear out clogged drains, and many more. You can also reduce the threat by following these steps below:

1. Coffee Grounds

How To Prevent Zika Virus Coffee
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One simple yet effective and can be easily found home remedy to repel mosquitoes is coffee grounds. Surely, you must have coffee beans like the NESCAFE Classic Arabica beans lying in your kitchen. All you need to do is grab a pinch and grind it to bits and sprinkle them wherever you find stagnant water near your compound. The reason is because the coffee grounds will force mosquito eggs present in the water to the surface and those eggs cannot breath above water therefore, killing them before they are hatched.

2. Lavender 

How To Prevent Zika Virus Lavender
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Another way of repelling these pesky mosquitoes is to spread lavender scented room fresheners or oil if you can all over your house. Mosquitoes hate and cannot tolerate the smell of lavender as it is very strong. Get the Ambi Pur Lavender Breeze Spray here easily and spray it over your house.

3. Insect Repellent

How To Prevent Zika Virus Repellent
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If both methods above do not work very well, you can always count on insect repellents to repel of any mosquitoes quite effectively I should say (I personally use them as well). While it is not desirable to spray aerosol all around, though very effective, you can alternatively get the Ridsect Liquid Heater, heater mats, or coils as well.

While there is no know vaccine or cure to the Zika virus as of now, you should always be wary and follow the necessary steps to repel and reduce the chances of contracting this potentially fatal disease. Here at atoz2u, we hope you well and stay safe…

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