It takes a persistent mind to stay organized and labeling as well as organizing your stuffs is no easy feat and dedication also plays a factor. Nonetheless, labelling stuffs with a labelling machine is pretty fun and will benefit anyone – it’s also essential so that you will remember what’s for what and your child will never mistakenly took someone else’s thing or vice versa.

A labelling machine is basically a machine that prints out small labels for you to label things and stuffs. It could be in a form of a handheld device or a small printer, similar to photo printers. It is very easy to use and there are various ways to make use of a labelling machine and here’s how:

Pens & pencils – Since all pens & pencils are pretty much the same, it is very wise to attach a label of your name to it. This is to prevent “theft” (if you know what i mean,  😆 ) and also easier to recognize them.

How To Use Your Labelling Machine At Home? Penpencil
Source: brightstarkids

Exercise/note books – You can do this on whatever book you have so that you can keep your books ink free!

How To Use Your Labelling Machine At Home? Notebook
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Other stationery – Other than pens & pencils, you can also label your common stationery items such as ruler, glues, and more. While it may not be attractive to you, it is to kids as labels can be in different colors and kids love colorful things.

How To Use Your Labelling Machine At Home? Otherstationery
Source: andersruff

Chargers/ electrical cords – Label your cables and cords with a labeller and you wouldn’t be accidentally plugging off the wrong cable.

How To Use Your Labelling Machine At Home? Cords
Source: sheknows

Binder tabs – Group the pages in your notebook into different categories ad you will have multiple segments. It looks more organized too and colorful as well.

How To Use Your Labelling Machine At Home? Bindertabs
Source: polkadotsandrainydays

Shelves – Attach a label on your shelves and you won’t have to flip over your kitchen just to find a bottle of ketchup.

How To Use Your Labelling Machine At Home? Shelves
Source: hardwarezone

These are just a few recommendations that I usually practiced and of course, there are more uses than this. Widen your creativity and start labelling and get organized like you never did before! Check out some labelling machines here and get started!

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