Each year, millions of used/empty toner and inkjet cartridges are disposed into the trash which results in e-waste contamination that has already surpassed the number of everyday waste. Throw a printer cartridge into a dumpsite and it will take at least 400 years to decompose. By participating in cartridge recycling, it will not only be environmentally beneficial but it is also profitable.

HP GoGreen Cartridge Recycling in the #MYCYBERSALE2016 E-waste
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While it’s true that some of us, ranging from nobodies to huge corporations will make that little extra effort to recycle ink cartridges. An approximate of 2.5 million ink cartridges are actually sent to recycling plants and re-used again. However, an astonishing 10 million is found on dumpsites. According to a report by Planet Ark in 2006, if 18 million ink cartridges were not recycled and sent to the dumpsite, it would create a waste of 3,000 tonnes of plastic, 2,500 ferrous metals, 400 tonnes of aluminum and 26 kilograms of precious metals. To top all of this, the 3,000 tonnes of plastic will need well over a couple of hundred years to degenerate.

Have you ever wondered what makes the ink cartridge you are using now? Timber is used to create the packaging and the plastic is contributed by the world’s supply of crude oil and steel is from iron ore and more. Since plastics have been around for a relatively small time, people are beginning to express concern regarding the amount of plastics in landfill sites – space is becoming an issue.

HP GoGreen Cartridge Recycling in the #MYCYBERSALE2016 Recycle
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When all this waste is dumped, it doesn’t sit there – it’s gonna be interacted with, and also interacts. Not only does it affect the wildlife but also your whole ecosystem. Do I need to continue? I don’t think that will be necessary and I will leave it here for you to think about the aftereffects brought by these wastage.

So, how do you recycle this ink & toner cartridges? Easy, just get them to us and what’s more, you get instant rebates on your next purchase of ink or toner.

HP GoGreen Cartridge Recycling in the #MYCYBERSALE2016 GoGreen
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Also check out our #ATOZSTAYGREEN campaign for more information on other recycling programs and GoGreen campaigns.

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