Looking for a budget and inexpensive All-In-One desktop computer? If so, HP’s Pavilion 23 TouchSmart All-In-One computer desktop is the perfect choice for you.


HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23 Review FrontandBack
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To this date, there are over 600 million PCs that are over four years old, and in the next 12 months, 19% of those plans to upgrade to an All-In-One desktop computer, claimed HP.

The HP Pavilion All-In-One is described by HP as a pedestal floating display. Located in the rear of the displays it the desktop’s computer which hovers on a pedestal stand made of aluminium sorta like Apple’s iMac. Unlike dedicated desktop monitors, the display of the HP Pavilion cannot be adjusted vertically, instead, all you get is to pivot the display for viewing angles to your comfort.

Compare the HP Pavilion to other streamline All-In-One Desktops, you will see that the Pavilion being chunkier but the curvature design on the back actually helps make this machine turn out slimmer than it actually is. While the iMac is clad with aluminium, the rear of the Pavilion is built of a white, pearl-finish plastic with cupped pattern. This design is actually very similar to the old Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

A wide edge-to-edge screen makes up the Pavilion on the front, giving it a modern twist. Black bezels make up a nice frame around the display while the bottom border of the screen is slightly larger than the borders on the other sides, manipulating a chin effect like the iMac.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23 Review Backview
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Moving on to the stand, there is a hole right in the middle for the convenience of the cables and wires. At the back of the computer are four USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI output, an Ethernet/LAN port, and the DC power input. There’s a twist here however, where’re the USB 3.0 ports? Well, to locate these elusive ports you’ll have to look under the panel. You’ll get two USB 3.0 port down under coupled with both the headphone/microphone combo port and a flash memory-card reader. While these under-ports might be easier to access than the ones on the back, they would still require a bit of screen tilting and fumbling around.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23 Review Underview
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The HP Pavilion All-In-One desktop computer is available in 3 different processors, the Intel Celeron, Intel Broadwell or AMD’s A4 through A10 chips. Like most all-in-ones’ , this machine is installed with integrated graphics but, for those who have higher requirements, the Pavilion All-In-One is capable of being configured with an AMD Radeon R7 A330 or A360 discrete graphics.

The Pavilion is available in 3 different sizes, from 21.5, 23, or 27-inch IPS full HD displays. All three displays come with touch and produces crisp visuals that doesn’t distort even when viewing from different angles. The touch respond does its’ job, not too bad but not too good either – the touches, taps, and swipes all responded fairly well without any glimpse of hitches or lag.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23 Review Display
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The display however, falls a little short under dim lighting and produces a bit of glare and reflection. To add to this, the bigger the display is, the more apparent the problem is but this can be reduced by simply increasing the screen brightness and play around the tilt a bit.

On the productive side, the Pavilion is built with either 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of RAM and hard drive storage up to 3TB. There’s also a built-in optical drive located on the contoured rear edge.

Similar to many All-In-Ones out there, the Pavilion is shipped with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with a dedicated number pad, and a simple mouse enough for your daily workload. Both gadgets are available in a single choice of black with silver trim to complement the computer’s design.


One of the main highlight of the Pavilion is its speaker. HP has partnered with Bang & Olufsen for that extra bang on its audio output. This makes the HP Pavilion a great addition for multimedia entertainment, office work and even school work. The audio from B&O gives the Pavilion a great output for music, movie streaming and even gaming.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23 Review Overall
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Bang & Olufsen has a software installed on the Pavilion with features to tuning the audio. There are three presets for the B&O tuner for movie, music and vocals. An equalizer is available for those of you who wanted a finer tuned control.

We played a jazz track on the Pavilion and the vocals produced by the B&O speakers are very clean and the raspy notes were clearly heard without a crack. Instrument’s sound is also capable of higher dynamic range with B&O tuning enabled.

Overall, the audio clips from the B&O speakers are better sounding and sounded louder without the tuning however, In small spaces, like your bedroom where there’s hardly any space to fit in a multimedia speaker, the Pavilion is more than enough to accommodate your videos and movies.


Essentially, with a price that’s cheaper than many All-In-Ones right now, the HP Pavilion AIO Touchscreen is a great option for users who wanted great looks with adequate performance. Equipped with a stunning full HD IPS display and a touchscreen (not found on many AIOs), the Pavilion gives a run to other alternatives for its money. And with high configurations on the processors, discrete graphics, RAM and storage, the Pavilion is a great choice. Unfortunately, the price for this machine will increase the more powerful it is.

Do keep in mind, like many All-In-Ones, you will need to specify your configurations at the time of purchase as you cannot make any changes after it’s ship. For those who wanted a generally good looking PC enough to handle daily document processing, the base model would be adequate with display sizes up to your preference. While, for you who is more into graphic intensive work or gaming, you will have to splurge a little more for higher configurations with a discrete AMD Radeon GPU in order to get the most out of this machine.

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