Transferring data and information from Apple devices to Android is always a first world problem for many users. The one main problem of transferring data between Apple and Android is that Apple has compatibility issues with most third-party apps and data and it doesn’t seem to be get easier anytime soon.

Fortunately, Google has recently made it easier for just that. The search giants has just released an update to its ‘Switch’ website to do just that, easier data transfers from iOS to Android smartphones. On the updated website, youll have detailed steps on how to go about transferring.

It Is Now Easier To Transfer Data From Apple Devices To Android Backup
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The transferring of data is gonna take place over cloud, and as you might expect, over Google’s own cloud app, Google Drive. Before you can transfer your data over, iOS users would need to have the latest version of Google Drive and log in with their Gmail credentials.

Right after, iOS users can then locate the ‘Backup’ option nested under the Google Drive’s Menu > Settings. Upon the Backup section, there are three options to choose from — Photos, Calendar and Contacts. Depending on the size of the data and the internet connection speed, it could take from several minutes to hours. So if you have a huge amount of data and your internet connection isn’t something to be proud of, be prepared for a long waiting game.

After selecting the ones that you want to backup, you can then hit the ‘Start Backup’ button. The next step is to get to your Android device and log in with the same credentials as you did with your iOS device and voila, you are good to go! All the selected data can be found under the dedicated Google Contacts, Photos, and Calendar apps.

Back in October, Google released a step-by-step guide for Apple iPhone users who switches to its latest Pixel smartphones. The video, titled ‘Switching from iPhone’ is posted on YouTube shows just how easily an iOS user can copy data from their iPhone to a Pixel smartphone.

It Is Now Easier To Transfer Data From Apple Devices To Android iPhone
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By using this method, any iPhone users can select any data they wanted to be transferred from their iPhone to the new Google Pixel smartphone. The same applies to any Android smartphones as well. Data that can be transferred include Calendar, Email, Contacts, Messages, Music, Photo, Videos and Message Attachment as well.

However, do keep in mind that there’s no official word of transferring WhatsApp chats or text messages from iOS to Android. And before you start transferring, you should make sure that both your devices have battery percentage of at least 50% and higher.

So, iPhone users who want to try their hands on Android or simply wanted to switch back to the cute little green jellybean, you don’t have to worry about losing your data ever again. Check out these Androids which will be a bang for a buck!

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