Wireless headphones have been in the market for a while now and since then, more and more manufacturers are trending towards building a headphone that is exercise-focused as technology are slowly but steadily ruling the way we work out and even our daily lifestyle.

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As one of the leading giants in the audio sector, Jabra has been innovating its products to redefine the way we use our headphones and they did. Not too long ago, after Sport Pulse, then Sport Coach, Jabra has introduced the Sport Pace. Represented to be a cheaper alternative to the Jabra Sport Coach, the Jabra Sport Pace is designed to help you through your workout and jogs while catching that elusive Snorlax.

Unlike the previous designs found on its predecessors, the Sport Pace uses over-ear hooks instead of in-ear wings which provides a secure fit and will withstand your rigorous exercise routines and the boosted bass response will be a selling point and motivator to many and it weighs only a very light 22 grams.

Design and Feature

The earphone is designed with a reflective strip to keep you safe and visible when you are outdoors especially in dim lighted areas. It wouldn’t be named a sports earphone without sweat and moisture resistant and Jabra delivers. The Sport Pace is sweat and moisture resistant and uses an in-canal design with the cable behind the neck.

Jabra Sport Pace Review Features
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The earphone has an inline remote with three buttons and located on the right side of the cable is the mic. The central button acts a multi-function button that allows you to control songs playback and call activities. It also sports a feature where you simply double tap the central button and it automatically redials the last number which could be somewhat annoying as you can easily redialed accidentally. Similar to the central button the remaining + and – buttons doubles as volume buttons and double tapping them allows forwarding or backing a track.

Paring is very simple, you will be greeted with a friendly British man voicing over the instructions on how to pair. On the left earpiece, you have status LED light to notify of any status change. This earpiece is estimated to give you roughly 5 hours, but the results may vary depending on the volume levels. The good thing is that the Sport Pace will go into standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Most Sport series Jabra earphones are integrated with the company’s Sport Life app and it is no exception with the Sport Pace. Located on the left earpiece, there is a button that launches and controls the free Jabra app. The app requires a setup between your earphones and phone, after which you arrive at a general menu. The mobile app is loaded with tons of features and workout options such as Cycling, Running, Walking, Cross-Training, Hiking and even Skiing. All your activities will be tracked through the Jabra Sport Life App.

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The app also accesses your phone’s music library and Jabra has also included their own set of playlist, mainly to get you moving. Voice guidance that acts as somewhat a personal trainer is available and can be turned on and off at will. The Sport Pace has a micro USB to USB charging cable which connects to a covered port on the left earpiece.

While the heart rate monitor and TrackFit sensor were meant to be evident with other earphones, the Sport Pace is more focused on providing you with simple yet accurate metrics. Though it doesn’t provide much details, it focuses mainly on the pace, distance, duration and goal of an ongoing activity.


The one thing that defines the Pace from others would be its bass. We gave the Pace through a few test and on tracks with tremendous sub-bass content like the Knife’s “Silent Shout”, the Jabra Sport Pace’s bass is as powerful as it deemed. Surprisingly, the lows are quite powerful, but with a drop in quality in the bass response however. Nonetheless it still does a fine job with aggressive music, and those who loves strong bass will certainly take a liking to the Pace.

We found that there is a heavy low mid presence to the Jabra Sport Pace and most often, the booming can be irritating and wouldn’t be a good thing, but in the Pace, it somehow works. Russian Circles’ “New Macabre” is a good example of this with instruments like guitars and bass playing against each other but leaving plenty of room for each other.

Simply put, the Jabra Sport Pace is designed for sport users but it is more ideal to those who is a fan of big bass. It might be lacking in DSP and audio doesn’t sound that great compared to others, but nonetheless, this earphone is for workouts fanatics and the high bass response does seem to be a motivator for many. Unlike the Jabra Sport Coach, which is built to be more balanced in sound, and is not ideal at all for those who seeks booming bass during their exercises.

Jabra Sport Pace Review Overall
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Overall, the Jabra Sport Pace is a good earphone and it even have features that tracks your activities, not likely seen in other similar earpiece. The fact that it is designed for sport users and presented with better fitness features and a lower price point makes it a good deal for people that seeks a workout companion.

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Jabra Sport Pace
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