Just how much does a budget laptop cost these days, RM1,000 or RM2,000? Well, that might be true if it was a few years ago. How times, and technology have changed. Nowadays, for a mere budget of lesser than RM1,000 you can get a reasonable laptop with full PC experience and you couldn’t ask for more.

One prime example of a low-cost laptop with full functional PC capabilities and features is the Lenovo IdeaPad 100S. Costing only RM800, this 11-inch clamshell laptop is one of a few in its class.

The budget laptop line category has been in-demand since 2014 and you can even get tiny desktop PCs for as little as RM500. All these budget laptops are capable of running Windows 10 built with Intel Atom or Celeron processors and are designed for net browsing and simple word processing.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11 Overall
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With a colorful chassis (blue, red, silver, white) that looks great and built with Lenovo’s typical excellent keyboard design, the Lenovo 100S could easily triumph the budget laptop category. However, the triumph may be short-lived if not for one issue, the touchpad. The touchpad used is an old design with separate left and right mouse that doesn’t support multi gestures compared to the clickpad-style found on nearly every laptop these days. If you are a fan of online reading and your general work requires a lot of scrolling, this can be a deal breaker, but nonetheless, the excellent keyboard makes up for it.

Design and Features

Many budget laptops tend to look and feel more than it actually does, and surely, you wouldn’t expect a unibody aluminium body or a sleek glass over the display but a rickety hinge, a lid that looks so fragile a simple nudge would break it, or a thin body that feels like it is gonna tear apart from even the most modest of handling will be a rip off.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11 Angles
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Lenovo averts those faults by giving the 100S a bigger and thicker body than some other laptop of its class, making the body more prone to heavy handles. Holding the screen is a pair of sturdy hinges that allows a full 180 degrees fold back for more viewing angle. The color of the laptop, is from matte quality which therefore fingerprint-resistant and by the depth of the color, it makes this budget laptop look better than many others.

As good as it might sound, you shouldn’t expect too much from a RM800 budget laptop. Although the 1366×738 display is fine for the price, and the pleasing matte finish that reduce glaring, it is however, restricted to limited viewing angles.

Performance, Battery and Connections

Even though it has a thicker chassis and you would expect it to fit in more, all you will get is the standards, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI output and a micro-SD card slot. Considering the price, this is the most you can get although USB 3.0 ports would be handier.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11 Ports
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Testing wise, the Lenovo 100S hangs around the middle of the group. If you wanted more boost and speed, you would have to spend more. Moving on, while not all that impressive the 100S ran well when used for casual net browsing and buffering YouTube videos. Also, keep in mind that Microsoft’s browsers, the Edge and Internet Explorer tend to run much more smoother on low-powered Windows laptops which means that you will get better performance while using them rather than downloading Chrome or Firefox (not to say to ditch it all-together).

Much to our surprise, the 100S is very pleasant in its battery life. The laptop lasts for 11 hours on video playback, which is very comparable to the MacBook and hung on for roughly 10 hours in online streaming. If compared to higher end notebooks such as the HP Stream 11 or the Surface 3, the 100S reigns supreme with a difference 3 hours longer battery life. All this means that with Intel’s lower-performance CPU excels in battery consumption, hence longer usage on a single charge.


Many tend to spend more on what they asked for and leaving many feature on the laptop unused. This tend to happen if you have not done your research thoroughly and understanding your needs. If your daily tasks involves using Gmail, Facebook, iFlix, Lazada and many more low resource consumption tasks, a budget laptop with an Intel Atom processor an OK screen and 32GB storage may be more than enough.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11 Build
Source: windowscentral

Overall, with its excellent build and quality minus the touchpad however which can be easily be replaced with a mouse if you don’t mind tagging along a mouse, the Lenovo Ideapad 100S is a perfect companion. Whether you are in the office or commuting, it is the ideal laptop for you to travel around.

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