Congratulations! You have just bought or pre-ordered a brand new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. But there’s a catch, the headphone jack is gone! Bye bye, wired earphones.  😥

Luckily, there are an abundant of wireless speakers and headphones out there and they are cheaper and better than ever before, thanks to competitions arising and also Apple’s bold move to literally scrapped the headphone jack of.

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor Review Overall
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However, if you want to turn an existing stereo system or old boom box to be wireless compatible, Logitech has introduced a tiny, rather inexpensive Bluetooth adapter that can turn any speaker into a wireless one.

Design & Specification

The Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor is basically a bridge for the present and the past. With dimensons of only 50x50x23mm, it would literally fit into the palm of your hand. If so you wish, you can even set it up in a way that it is hidden. Built with tough plastic, this black and tiny yet powerful device would be able to withstand rough usage.

On the top of the device lies the sole Bluetooth button for pairing of devices. Located at the rear of the device is a 3.5mm port and a RCA output as well as the power socket. Logitech has included an RCA-to-3.5mm cable in the box. The convenience of this system is its flexibility – allowing you to hook it up to anything with a free input.

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor Review Backview
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At the bottom of the device is a blue LED which blinks frantically when it is pairing or stays constant when paired with a device with a range of 15m.


To go into pairing mode, all you need to do is long press the Bluetooth button and once a device is paired, the adapter connects automatically whenever you desire. We went on and connected the Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Adapter to a home theater and played music through multiple devices like the Asus ZenFone GO.

After establishing connection, the Bluetooth adapter basically alters the Bluetooth wireless data into analogue signals that are brought by the wires attached into the speakers. The presence of quality drop is nowhere to be found which is great.

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor Review Frontview
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.MP3 audios were played directly using a CD and also through the Bluetooth adapter. We tried to establish a connection to our HP Spectre 13 and we were greeted with some extremely low thumps which were missing. Do note that the thumps were distinct only when we pay close attention. Nonetheless, for casual everyday use and practical purposes, the audio produced is more than good enough.


At only RM179, this would be a bang for a buck. It is a great option for anyone who has devices that lacks modern inputs. The Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor does what it is meant too and delivers with few hiccups. And sometimes, these little suckers would give you much more than small Bluetooth speakers which generally costs way more.

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