The one thing that sets Android apart from iOS is its capability of doing whatever you want with it, from rooting to different versions to writing your own source code.

Changing user interface skins has been one of Android’s most popular feature. And on the eve of its fifth anniversary, software firm TeslaCoil Software has announced a new update for one of the most popular user interface skins app, Nova Launcher. The update, which has undergone extensive beta testing for a considerable amount of time is now available for all Android users on Google Play Store.

According to a report released by Android Police on its website, Nova Launcher is one of the most popular user interface skins on the Play Store and accompanying the new release is a full change log of the update.

Nova Launcher updates application, Google Pixel style features amongst others Homescreen
Source: wallpapersafari

The log includes new additions such as swipe to open drawer and search — a feature similar on Google Pixel smartphones, a new search view with tabs for frequent, recent, and new applications, double tap swipe gestures, Android 7.1 launcher shortcuts and more.

If you are a fan of Google’s new Pixel smartphone, the Nova Launcher’s new update can now allow Android users make their phone launcher looks similar to a Pixel smartphone. The website also further claimed that with the new update, Nova Launcher will have a cleaner interface. The website also states that thought the new gestures might be alien to its users, it will certainly help users get to more features with its quick access without messing up the UI with extra buttons.

Got bored with your boring default smartphone UI? Well, get it now both on the developer’s website or at the Google Play Store.

P.s: iOS users, surprised? Well you can still switch to an Android to do a whole lot of things you can’t do with an iPhone. Check these Androids out below!

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