Looking for a gift for your friends and family? Running out of ideas and that celebratory date is fast approaching? Why not try making one yourself using a paper punch? Instead of spending a fortune on gifts you don’t even know they will like, you could actually make one out of your stationery and it would save your a whole lot more. And sometimes, these DIY gift ideas could hold more meaning and priceless to some.

1. A butter-love shape for your loved one?

Paper Punch Art & Ideas Butterfly
Source: pinterest

2. A Christmas card instead?

Paper Punch Art & Ideas ChristmasCard
Source: pinterest

3. Designate your paperclips!

Paper Punch Art & Ideas PaperClip
Source: pinterest

4. Perhaps an ‘owl-some’ punch art?

Paper Punch Art & Ideas Owl
Source: pinterest

5. Who said punching holes are boring?

Paper Punch Art & Ideas Circles
Source: pinterest

6. Got that old novel you need no more?

Paper Punch Art & Ideas ButterflyCard
Source: pinterest

7. Make simple yet lovely bookmark with a punch!

Paper Punch Art & Ideas Bookmark
Source: pinterest

Got free times? Well, try making your own punch arts either to gift it to someone or decorate your work space and more. Check out the paper punchers and more stationery below.

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